OOT bags - what kind of actual bag are you putting things in?

Are you having a personalised bag? or just a plain one etc?

Any ideas - thanks


  • I got mine from Islepac - the large organza tote (they're not actually THAT large) - I thought they looked great.
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    I really like the jute bags on the Islepac website too - I may have to find a reason to buy a few! x
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    sorry, but what is OOT?
  • I am still looking for bags, inside we are going to put a welcome note, little lip balms, hand cream, mini aftershave which are all personalised with our names and wedding dates. Will also being putting other things like mine fans etc.

    If anyone has any ideas for bags please can you let me know, thanks

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    Have been looking on clever bags website. You can have them plain or personalsed, but does get a bit costly then. Have been looking at some of my stuff tonight that I got for them. So far have got plasters, wet wipes, tissues, mozi repellant, pens,bottle openers, info on Cprus and some cards for our favourite retaurants and taxi info. May also get some playing cards and little coffee sachets and tea bags to put in them. What is everyone else putting in?? x
  • I would love personalised bags, getting married abroad, anyone get any clever ideas?

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    I ordered plain tote bags then bought some t-shirt transfer paper for my printer and choose a few images but suppose you could write or do pretty much anything you wanted on a computer. Then printed them out and ironed them on the bags. They looked brilliant, my guests loved them and it kept the price down.

    F x
  • I am in the same situation... I think they are a great idea but can't think what to put in them... Urvi love your ideas - where have you ordered them from to get them all personalised?? as when I ve been looking it is normally 250 minimum order and there are only 9 of us!!! Th eonly thing I have seen is personalised love heart sweets which there is no / small number minimum order... havn't even thought about the actual bag yet!! xx
  • Hi MCC2B - I got them from:


    I asked if they could do anything for guys and they suggested mini aftershaves.

    I expect the to arrive on monday.

    Let me know what you think.

    Also I went for the ones without bags as I hopefully will get some bigger bags to put everything in.

    Fans have been ordered from here http://www.fanfairuk.co.uk/your_order.php

    I hope this helps let me know what you think ?

    Urvi x
  • Are these for small weddings mostly?
  • Are these for small weddings mostly?
  • Urvi, they're brilliant thank you for the link... can't see the mini aftershaves but I take it they are personalised too? and the fans are great with no minimum order image It is much easier to find things for the women to put in the bags!! Are you doing fans for the men? You doing one each i.e one for mother of bride and one for father of bride or parents etc?? also when are you giving these to your guests? I wanted to have a thank you note with them and somehow have them in their rooms before they arrived but not sure really.

    Thanks again for your help x
  • MCC2B - yep your right mini after shaves are not on the site, Once I placed the order they emailed me confirming it etc, I just asked if they could do anything else they suggested them so went for it. I have got 10 fans as I would like to keep a couple for memorable reasons, but I got a 5 white and 5 pink ones. I will be buying battery operated fans for guys, I will prob got them from the £1 shop tbh.

    I was thinking of having them in the room when they arrive, so if we can we will do that if not, we are going to invite them for drink and give them to them then, I think it will be nice to see their faces. I am not doing mother of the bride etc for fans.

    I am working on the welcome note..you are getting married in Mauritius right?

    Still looking for bags to put these things in! image

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    I am still thinking of ideas but so far:

    Men: Electric fan, Small bottle of JD, Father of the bride (or whatever they are) socks, Lottery ticket, wetwipes, FHM, Hip Flask, mini aftershave, mauritius mini guide

    Women: Sandelwood Fan, lottery ticket, sample perfume, fun lip balm, OK magazine, wetwipes, mini suncream, mini baileys
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    What kind of budget do you have for each persons bag of gifts?

    I was thinking £20 per adult and £15 per child (16 guests) - is that too much?/little?
  • In mine I put a mini guidebook of Tuscany (£1.99 each from Matalan!), travel game (eBay), small personalised pack of Lovehearts sweets (eBay), personalised magnets with our names, date and picture of the venue (Vistaprint), small tealight candle (Ikea), and a pack of confetti for guests to throw at us after the ceremony. I also put together a leaflet of info for the week. I did one per couple or one each for single people. Didn't do anything different for men/women. I think I probably spent around £70 in total for 22 bags.
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