Back from our Amazing St Pauls Wedding!!

Well we arrived home yesterday from our wedding at St Pauls Bay in Lindos and we are gutted to be back everything was amazing from the hotel we stayed at to the wedding and Lindos as a place itself. We used Karen from Lindos Weddings to plan our day and she was great from the very first time I contacted her right through to the wedding day. Everything was exactly as I wanted it to be and it surpassed my expectations more than I could have imagined. We used Avalon for photographs and they were also fantastic I never would have imagined how great the photos would have been and they were so professional, I watched the dvd yesterday and they captured everything from my make up being done to the speeches at the Lindos Memories hotel, I was in tears watching it as it felt like I was reliving the day all over again. I will give you a run through of how the day went:

At 4.30pm the photographers came to my hotel to take photos of me getting ready and to take photos of me on the balcony, then the taxis came to pick us up from the hotel and drop us at the main square in Lindos, I decided to do the walk through the village with my bridesmaids and flower girl and I thought this was one of the best parts of my day! At first I was put off by the heat and the walk but it doesn't take long and Lindos is really shaded so I didn't feel hot at all and I am so glad I done it,, if you have the opportunity you have to walk through the village it was an amazing experience everyone claps and takes photos and wishes you well. I wore sparkly flat sandals and changed into my heels at the bottom of the chapel stairs as the hill downwards is quite slippy, the wedding planner looked after the shoes for us which was fab. I had 2 greek musicians walking me through the village and down the aisle, it was an accordian player and a violinist and they complimented each other fantastically, after the ceremony they played music for the guests whilst we were having photos taken and they played us out of the chapel and to the jetty where we got on the boat for our champagne cruise, it was quite windy but we were glad of the breeze for a bit of cool! The cruise was fantastic and everyone commented on how different it was.

When we arrived at Lindos Memories we were greeted by Apostle (the manager) who was fantastic from when we first met him and he organised everything so well. Our guests were taken out to the terrace were they were offered champagne, sushi and fruit whilst the groom and I had photos taken on the beach. Afterwards, all our guests were seated and we walked over the bridge by the pool and were clapped into our seats, we cut our wedding cake before the meal to have as dessert which was chocolate fudge with fresh cream and large white chocolate shavings - best cake I have ever tasted! Then we done the speeches and started the meal. We had a dj who was great at playing all the songs you expect at a wedding but also played requests too. The food at Memories was absolutely out of this world! The starters were a meal in itself and they were all delicious, they had everything from greek dips to cheese balls, zuccini, calamari, baked feta etc etc, by the time the main courses came our guests couldn't believe they still had more food to eat but it was fabulous! Then after the meal we had the greek dancers who we decided to condense into a half hour session instead of an hour which was for the best as I think an hour would have been too long, they were great fun. Then we danced till about midnight when it all ended! I was so happy that everything went so smoothly but sad it was over. Every one of our guests said it was the best wedding they've ever been to and having contacted exquisite weddings before Lindos weddings to have them organise the wedding I am 100% happy that I chose to use Karen. Exquisite tried to push us into using the Lindian Gulf hotel and we ate luch here one day and it is not a patch on Memories in setting or food and I don't think the prices were much different. So a big thanks to Karen, Laurence, Apostle, Cath & Claire for giving us a wedding day we never could have imaginied possible and to Avalon for capturing our day so perfectly, I'm sad we can't do it again but if we ever want to renew our vows we know where we'll go! We're already planning our return trip to Lindos for next year! image


  • Hi Blondebride

    I've been popping on to see if any Lindos brides are back and posted reports. Sounds like you had an amazing time and everything went as planned, Lindos weddings and Lindos Memories are fab and I'm glad you thought that too

    Welcome to the Mrs club x
  • LorrainaukLorrainauk Posts: 13

    I really want to get married @ St Pauls bay but keep hearing stories of brides plus parties "crossing" each other on the way to the chapel. Was this true in your opinion?
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    There were other weddings that day and the one before mine didn't overlap although I did see the guests getting onto a boat whilst walking down the aisle but I have to say this didn't bother me in the slightest as the setting is so perfect and none of my guests mentioned the other wedding party. Initially I thought this would be a nightmare if it happened but it wasn't at all x
  • AmyWattyAmyWatty Posts: 124

    Please get some pics up - we're getting married at St. Paul's next year and would love to see some pictures! image
  • deejay1977deejay1977 Posts: 646
    Hi we got married on 4th June and had a fab time report is here

    we did have to wait for the wedding before but they were lovely and all clapping me and shouting congratulations on they way down it made no difference to the day we had plenty of time in the chapel and load of photos taken
  • habufahabufa Posts: 608
    Hey Blondiebride ,

    Your wedding sounds amazing , im getting married in September at St Pauls .

    Id love to see some photos.

    Also you had the same wedding cake im having , did you have a cake topper as im struggling to find one that wont be to big for the cake.

    Thanks x

  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    I had a swarovski crystal cake topper that I ordered online it was really nice and a good size for the cake too, I'm jealous that you still have your wedding to come I'd love to do it all over again!!! I'll try and get some photos up x
  • joannerealjoannereal Posts: 32
    I'm back!

    Massive congratualtions Blondebride, glad you had such an fantastic day! Your report sounds amazing! I did think of you on the Friday as Cath took us to look around St Pauls in the morning.

    We had a fabulous time, and our wedding exceeded what we had imagined it to be, truly wonderful and I'm gutted that it's over, I want to do it again, St Paul's is just so beautiful!

    What time did you get married? We were at 5.45pm on the Monday and I have to say I was shocked at the heat at that time of day!

    I'm going to put some pics up on the Lindos Weddings facebook page if anyone wants to see them (I've given up with this bloody website - new design is very frustrating), but it won't be until this weekend, we have 800 digital negatives to go through!

    Really envious of all the other brides with weddings coming up soon, you will love it!

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