Any Lake Como brides?


  • Julieb1982Julieb1982 Posts: 37

    Yep, I'm a Lake Como bride, May 2011 !
  • oooh how exciting, thanks Julie!

    What planner are you using and what venue are you going with?

    I'm not til June 2012 so still in the early stages, recee visit in October!

    The area seems beautiful, have you been out there?

    Any hints or tips?? image thank you!! So glad there is someone else out there!
  • Julieb1982Julieb1982 Posts: 37

    Hi Hannie!

    We went out in May this year and its beautiful! We are getting married in Varenna at Villa Cipressi and have a wedding planner from

    What have you booked so far ?

    I would definately recommend using a wedding planner as the few things I have been trying to sort out myself have been a nightmare!

    Julie image
  • Hi Julie!

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am using Italian Lakes Wedding and all being everything goes well on my reccy I will book through them, they have been excellent so far.

    I am going to see Villa Cipressi in October, I have fallen in love with it from the pictures and research I have done, but just want to go out and see it, and am also seeing a few other venues on a few lakes just to be sure, I thought that would be sensible though I think my heart is set on Villa Cipressi!

    I really love Villa Cipressi as can stay in the one venue, are you having your ceremony there too?

    Please tell me all details you have arranged so far!!! What bits are you arranging yourself that have been hard?

    You're getting married a whole year ahead of me then!!

    So glad to have found you!!!! image
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