I am getting married in cyprus in april 2011 and want to get as many things arranged before we go as possible. I was thinking of using sarahs flowers as i have heard quite afew good reviews. Has anybody used her or is planning on. I did want reall flowers but all the reviews say they look real anyway, so this would be one less thing to sort out in cyprus.

Thank you.



  • pink4742pink4742 Posts: 1,999
    i can do a cream silk rose posie with crystals and pearls for £50 lol dont mean to advertise sorry if it helps i like sarahs flowers xx
  • i'm using sarahs flowers. I ordered samples last tues and the arrived weds! Would def roccomend her. my flowers are only costing £100 and thats for me 3 bm 1fg and the groom and best man x
  • MissyyMooMissyyMoo Posts: 104
    I used them and would recommend image
  • I used them too.

    Everyone commented on how lovely they were and now I've got them on my mantlepiece!

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