Help needed from Lake Garda or Lake Como brides!!

Hi girls. We haven't decided where to get married yet but are thinking probably Lake Garda or Lake Como.

Could you please let me know which wedding planner you are using for either of these, and let me know what you think of them? I haven't a clue where to start, there are so many and I'd rather use one that is recommended instead of just picking one from google!!

Thanks x


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    we are using

    they have been brilliant. There is a lake garda thread on here
  • Hi Emma

    I am also planning on Lake Garda or Lake Como, going on a recee in October to choose one!

    I have spoken to Italian Lakes Wedding who service all of the lakes areas, Lake Como, Maggiore, Garda, Iseo, Orta. They are excellent. Virag is my fav!

    There is a similiar titled company called Italian Lakes Weddings (notice the plural weddings) who have also been really good on email. They only do Lake Garda. Sarah is great.

    I have also spoken to Lake Garda Weddings as Hez suggested and they have been also great. Gwen & Ginny.

    It's just down to price, locations they offered and quality of service over email that will make me decide who to go for, I would be happy planning my wedding through any of these planners.

    What venues are you looking at? Keep me posted!!!

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    Thanks Hez, good to know of one that is definitely being used!

    Hi Hannie, thanks for the companies you gave me. I've never actually been to the Lakes but the photos look beautiful and its (hopefully) not too expensive for guests to get there and stay there. But I think we'll have to go and have a look at both places before we decide!

    I was thinking Malcesine Castle but only because that seems to be very popular and must be popular for a reason.......what venues are you looking at?
  • I am also looking at Malcesine Castle and is quite fairly priced I think, I will be seeing it when I go out in October. And yes it is very popular I think they only take a certain number of weddings each year so you may have to be quick!

    I personally wanted a civil ceremony at the same location as the reception so have found a couple of great places in Lake Como (such as Villa Cipressi) that do onsite civil ceremonies so am going to visit them too. And of course Malcesine castle has the civil ceremony then short walk to reception hotel or restaurant.

    Lake Garda has lots of lovely town halls if you wanted to go down that route for the ceremony. I am a bit more restricted as I don't want to get married in the town hall (no particular reason other than I want to do it outside with a view) and there are limited places in Italy other than town halls for civil ceremonies.

    From comparing prices for the Lake venues in Italy with some quotes for weddings in thw UK, it is working out about the same price in all honesty but I think Italy is more relaxed, you get more for your money and better food etc!!

    Also from looking at flights you can fly there for approx £100 so good for yuor guests, and it's driveable if anything goes wrong with flights!

    I have done loads of research on here and other websites, so just waiting for my reccy visit on October to confirm which venue I want to go with!! Pretty sure will be Lake Como or Garda.

    When's your wedding planned for??

    Keep me posted on how you get on/what you decide!!!

  • Hi

    Im getting married in Torri del Benaco,Lake Garda and am using Italian Lakes Weddings who have been great and I wouldnt hesitate to rcommend them xx
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