4 Weeks to go .... HELP!!


Can anyone help? 4 weeks to go and I seriously need to lose the love handles, what can I do??? other than stop eating chocolate and going to the gym?

Any ideas welcome


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  • Drink lots of water! Stops you feeling hungry and its good for you!
  • jentigerjentiger Posts: 276
    have a look at local beauty salons, they do body contour wraps where you can loose a few inches?
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    I am trying to lose weight/iches quick too and I will be doing the following for the next few weeks. Fruit or small portion of low fat and low sugar cereal, portion of homemade tomoato and lentil soup for lunch (no bread) and salad for tea (no cheese). I did this a few weeks ago for my 1st dress fitting (the dress was a a few inches too small) and did really well but will be doing again in a weeks time for 2nd fitting as dress was quite snug and want it to be a little less tight. I have been going to the gym though too. In general I would say cut down on carbs and if you do have carbs have wholemeal. I find carbs give me water retention EVERYWHERE! Good luck though xxx
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    Slimfast seems to be a fast way to loose weight or the cereal diet. I've used these tablet called Appasat before, they do help, they release a type of seaweed in your stomach, you have them half an hour before you eat and then when you eat you feel full up quicker, they are quite pricey though.
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    Thanks girls,

    I'm on to it, anything I find works well I'll let you all know!

    I'll keep you posted image

    Donna xx
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    i kid you not, Slimming World! Join a group. I did and now i'm a consultant. You can lose a stone in 4 weeks without being starving like on Slimfast, so that would be my advice to you (See, I don't even get the opportunity to recruit you into my group!)

    Seriously, you'll get the results!

    Drop me a message if you want to know anything further...

    Zoe xx
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    I've got just under 4 weeks to go too. I lost about a stone earlier this year. It was quite hard cos I didn't have too much to lose, but really felt I needed to get the weight that had slowly crept on, back off. I did good old calorie counting and weighing my food. Such a bore, but worth it.

    I had cereal for breakfast, salad with low fat dressing and a little lean meat for lunch, with a pot of that 9 calorie jelly and some low fat crisps, then lean meat or fish and veg in the evening, or a low fat microwave meal if I was being lazy. Always treated myself though to a weight watchers or skinny cow ice-cream and/or a treatsize chocolate bar. I had no bread or potatoes, no alcohol (killer!) and diet drinks/ water/ black coffee. Have managed to keep the weight off too with not too much trouble. I know I should exercise, but no time! Good luck, I'm sure you'll look fab on the day x image
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