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Hi lovely ladies,

My boyfriend and I want to get married in 2012 (still a while to go bot A LOT to plan!) and was wondering if any of you has/will get married in Santorini and have gone through all the bureaucracy of the Church.

I have no idea how to start, I contacted a woman (apparetley wedding planner) called Anna Vafeiadou

She told me that if I am not Greek I cannot get married by the Greek Church, which didn't make sense to me at all, since my boyfriend is Greek national and Greek Orthodox.

If anyone could give me some advise it will be really appreaciated!!!

Thanks a lot and good luck with planning your weddings!!!

Marcela xx


  • Hi Marcela

    Congratulations, I am getting married in Santorini in 2012 also, i cant wait.

    I checked with the company i am using and if you want to get married at Santa Irene Chapel, it is actually a private chapel and they do not do any weddings for the Greek church. If your wedding is a civil wedding it will take place outside. If it were inside then it would have to be Greek Orthodox (although as they don't do these weddings here, mainly as the chapel is so small)

    I am using ionianwedings, who have been very helpful. Feel free to contact me for more information.

    Lisa x
  • athe33athe33 Posts: 1
    Hello Marcela,

    Yes you can have a church wedding, I am Greek and my husband British; we had an orthodox wedding in Santorini last year.

    Contact the Greek Embassy in London for info on all required paperwork.

  • hi sweety

    i hope that i can just back from getting married in Paros, still in my love bubble!!!;)

    we got married in a greek orthodox church as T is from athens and although he lives in ireland for 5 yrs still thinks he is greek hee hee hee.

    as i understand the story from the Greek Orthodox church is that a couple could only get married in the GO church if one of them was GO(luckily T is) and if the other one has been christened and therefore is christian(luckily i am,im catholic)...

    so i had to get(for the religious part of the cermony)

    1/my baptismal cert

    2/ also a paper saying i had been baptised in the name of the holy trinity(as this wasnt on my baptismal cert)from the churh i was baptised in.

    3/ i also needed a Freedom To marry form the church saying i had never been married in the eyes of the church.

    they were all obviously transulated into greek and sent ahead to the priest.

    maybe your planner just doesnt organise orthodox weddings and so is not willing to help wedding planner in paros did mention at one stage that some priests had stopped conducting weddings in the small GO churches that are part of the hotel complexes on some islands.i wonder if this is the problem? or maybe you should ring another planner and see how you get on .i find it very strange!

    my planner was nikos at but i think he only does weddings in Paros.

    but we had already set our heart on a church that wasnt part of a hotel complex so the wedding planner just asked the priest and he said ok no prob.

    good luck and let us know how you get on.

    im jealous...wish i could get married all over Again!!!image
  • Please run from this planner as fast as you can. We had a really bad experience with her and her company. You can see our experience here

    I hope this helps anyone who is considering hiring this planner.
  • Agreed - I started out planning to use Anna, but she was utter rubbish, IME. We used Michael and Elena of and they were incredible. I have still to find a bad review of them!
  • Hi Marcela, if you haven't found a translator yet, TLCUK can do both the translations and the legalisations for you, so you won't need to worry about all this! If you any advise, I'll be happy to help. image
  • For an orthodox wedding in Santorini the requirement is both of you to be Christians and one of you to be orthodox. We decided for civil because we had different choices. If you are interesting for a religious for me Saint Marcus was the best. It is in Imerovigli.

    As far as my wedding planner told me Santa irene is for civil weddings. I am using Amalia from Poema weddings and she is brilliant.

    I choose them because they were the only company with no packages on line. I wanted my wedding to be unique and not same with hundreds of couples!

    if you want to see their website check the link:
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