Help! Papers for greek wedding-british birth certificate question

Hi girls,

I'm hoping you can help. Getting married in Greece, fiance is British, but we aren't sure if we can use the short/normal birth certificate he has. It's the original, with no parents names on it?! I know you can order a fuller version, is this what we should do?

He has left this so late, it's getting a bit stressful now!

Thank you all in advance,



  • SuomibrideSuomibride Posts: 216
    I'm a wedding planner in Crete and all our Town Halls require full birth certificates.

    In Greece, the Father's name is very important so I would say that everywhere in Greece will need the full certificate.

  • NowMrsGNowMrsG Posts: 27
    Yes, you need to order a full A4 certificate, don't panic our office did ours very quickly and they cost less than £10.
  • You need the long certificate , its very easy to get, mine took 5 days from requesting it although if you go to the registrars office you can probably get it the same day
  • Oh, thank you all so much- so helpful!!! We've ordered it now, so thank you for helping us avoid disaster (fiance very nearly sent the short version for legalisation).

    Thanks again, really appreciate it!x
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