Getting married in Italy on a budget?

Hi girls

We are looking to get married in Italy - preferably Lake Garda or Tuscany - but the place we really wanted is pretty much double our budget. We were looking to spend up to £10k for 4 nights, with around 40 guests paying their own accomodation but we pay for food on the wedding day (obviously) and have an open bar, and probably pay for food on at least one other night.

Everywhere I've looked seems really expensive - I thought getting married abroad was supposed to be cheaper than over here!!

Are any of you getting married in Italy for around £10k??

Thanks x

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  • I'm getting married in Italy next year, and whilst i am spending more than your budget, i really think it is possible to do what you are looking for with £10K.

    Check out villas, you can rent the whole thing sometimes, with guests staying on site. Lovely. Or the beautiful castles...they often offer good deals, we have found all of the venues we enquired with to offer competitive prices.

    £10K - no problem! x

  • Hi We are getting married in tuscany next year. we are paying 95 euros per head plus drinks for the wedding reception. We are getting marreid at Santo pietro In Pancole near San Gimignano. We also looked at Lupinari near Bucine which was 110 euros per person for the wedding reception.

    We are staying on site at Sant Pietro as they have apartments and a bed and breakfast hotel.

    good luck
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hi there

    I got married in Italy in June. You can definitely do it under £10k!!

    My reception venue was 45euros per head which included aperitifs and appetisers, a 4 course meal (all of our choice) and unlimited red and white wine (with prosecco for toasting).

    You just need to look around image x
  • You can def do it for under 10k. We have 54 people going out to Malcesine next month, getting married in the castle, doing a boat trip, and a 7 course meal plus unlimted wine and water. Its costing just short of 9k which includes flights and a suite at the hotel! x
  • ps....i never used a wedding planner...these can be quite costly but if you can do it yourself then i would recommend you do....its not actually that hard to plan and i have contacts if you need any! x
  • Hi Emma,

    I too plan to get married in Tuscany in 2012 and am also finding it quite expensive. I have been quoted around the same price as Honeybun has for the reception. Hoping to have about 40-50 people this is half the budget gone already. And the price of bridal hair and makeup is extortionate over there.

    I was hoping to plan it with a wedding planner as I don't have the language and thought it would just make the whole thing just that little bit easier.

    Any advice from others on how they have managed to get everything within the £10k budget would be appreciated.

    Emma, keep me updated on how you get on and I will do the same.


  • Hi, I am getting married in June. You can definately get married in Italy for 10k, although some aspects of the wedding arent much cheaper than here they are generally of a higher quality. Tuscany can be quite expensive, we viewed a few venues but have now picked one in umbria (next door to tuscany, looks the same as tuscany but less well known and therefore cheaper!) We are using a wedding planner and she deals with small to large budgets, I think her charge was 1200 euros but she is worth every penny. The whole thing has been stress free and she literally sorts everything out. I have also spoken to other couples who have used her and she is highly recommeded. I think without a planner it is possible but would take a lot of time to sort all the details out and realistically you may need to visit italy a few times to put things inplace so for us the planner worked out cheaper and easier! It also helps as she gives you the options for your budget. If you decide on umbria i would be happy to recommend my wedding planner to you. Good luck x
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