Destination bridesmaid dresses and gooms outfits - any ideas?? colour scheme fuschia

I'm getting married in Aruba next august. I have found the dress I want but am struggling to find affordable (cheap!) bridesmaid dresses that are appropriate for the wedding style and destination. Also my groom can't decide what to wear either - he isn't keen on linens. Any ideas???????


  • Hiya,

    I'm having fuschia bridesmaids dresses too, well fuschia and violet! We're getting married in Santorini. I've got five bridesmaids and they're all very different so they're all going to design their own dresses. We're using the dresses are pretty reasonably priced considering they're custom made (50-80 pounds), they've got all different colours and fabrics. I'm going for the fuschia and violet silk. The groom and best men are going to wear grey trousers, white shirt, silver waistcoats and a cravat (also made by style shake)

    Naomi x
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    Hi mrspartnertobe. We're getting married in South Africa and I bought my BMs dress in Monsoon. They do really lovely, floaty dresses just right for a destination wedding and are very reasonably priced.
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    have you tried the high street - debenhams, next,,, coast, dorothy perkins, house of fraser, john lewis, miss selfridge, river island etc.

    I got my long pink dresses, from george at asda of all places. They do a small bridal range online. I ordered these dresses not expecting much - they were £30 each and they are lovely and the bridesmaids love them and they are very flattering. They are strapless with ruching over the bust, elasticated back, side zip, a corsage flower under the bust line, and then the material drapes. Its a maxi dress style but nice and lightweight and cool. We are going to add some beads to the trim under the bust to customize. As i got cheap dresses it meant i could afford their shoes, bag and hair accessories.x
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    Hi, we had a fuschia colour scheme, the dresses were from Coast. The men wore suits from BHS in taupe with Ivory shirts and fuschia ties from Swagger & Swoon x
  • Mine are fuschia too. I got them from Milanoo online, we just ordered each a UK size up to have them emended and even the dress fitter was very impressed with the quality. They are not much difference from Mori Lee Chiffon ones at a fraction of the price.
  • Our colours are pink and orange. The bridesmaid dress is from Asda, it's gorgeous and a bargain at £30! My h2b is wearing dark grey/brown trousers, a white shirt, beige waistcoat and hot pink tie. x
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    OOOOh we are bridesmaid dress twins! They are amazing for the money aren't they! My bridesmaids love them xx
  • love the idea of fushia and orange - sounds good. Do you have any pictures of your bridesmaid dresses??


    This is the bridesmaid dress, it's a bit brighter pink in real life though! x
  • I LOVE this asda dress, what a bargain, our colour theme is pink and orange too image
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    my theme was fushia too

    this is what my groom wore last week in turkey at our wedding

  • Hello,

    I am getting maried abroad next year image I have just bought my bridesmaid dresses in fuschia from BHS, was 30% off so came in at £252 for 4 dresses!!! bagain because at full price they still only came in at £90 each. They look lovely on my bridesmaids who range in size and look very in style. Also my groom and groomsmen wearing shiny grey suits with fuschia pink ties, very trendy. i got waistcoats so if they're too hot they can whip their jackets off and i also got shirts that roll up on the sleeve because not keen on short sleeves, and keeps it to trend. I dont know how to upload pictures on the forum so f you help me i will put picture of the dresses up image
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