Does anyone know how much it costs for an affidavit for getting married in cyprus. I have got a template so could print it myself. Any help would be appriciated.



  • Depends if you've got any solicitor friends!! I'm not sure how much it usually costs, call a few solicitors and ask for quotes. I'm really lucky and have a friend who's doing it for free - one less thing to budget for! Good luck!
  • I emailed one notary public in my area last week and he quoted £100 plus VAT! So I rang another solicitors thinking I'm gonna have to ring round a bit to get a good price and they quoted £5! So think it depends, just give a few a ring. x
  • Print it out yourself and then take to a solicitors for swearing if no attachments they should not charge more than £5 each. If there is an attachment then there will be an extra £2 charge per attachment.
  • Mrs Ronald to be ..... where do you live?
  • Preston area, lancashire x
  • Hi,

    We got ours done last week, £5 each.

    Just send your template to the solicitor so all they have to do is print and sign.

    We nipped in for 5 mins to get ours done while they said repeat after me "I do sincerely and solomnly declare" haha.



    x x
  • we did this last year I printed it out and got a sol to sign it and it cost me £5 each one. We live in West Yorkshire. Just a warning make sure you take a sol business card with you as the officals in Cyprus can be a right pain in the arse they charged us an extra 12 euros each because the sol stamp was too straight and they said we could of printed it ourselves! So take a business card too. Good luck x
  • Hi I'm getting married next year and I am from West Yorkshire can you tell me where you had your affidavit done?
  • nib77nib77 Posts: 68
    We were quoted £5 but Geroskipou town hall said they wanted it on headed paper as well as stamped and because of this, the bill went up to £100 as they class it as they have 'prepared' it. We got our solicitor at work to do it for free in the end.
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