Anyone getting married in the Paris region?

I am getting married in Paris in Sept 2008!!! I am going venue hunting this week-end (can't wait) with H2B (he is the French one) but he is so calm it is so annoying!!! (maybe not a bad thing because I am sure we will come in on budget with his realistic attitude) I am getting all excited though.. I decided today that I would like a saxophonist at the ceremony and during lunch but having trouble finding one. I have put out some requests with friends but I was wondering whether any brides to be planning a wedding in Paris have come across any good contacts, local suppliers etc etc..

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    Hi Mappy,

    We're getting married here in Paris on September 22 2007, only 16 weeks to go! I'm British and H2B is French and I will have been living here with him for exactly 3 years on the weekend of our weekend.

    We're having a blessing at the American Church because it's a gorgeous place and we could have a bilingual ceremony there. The ceremony will be followed by a "vin d'honneur" next to the church and then the reception is going to be on a "peniche" on the Seine.

    Where exactly are you looking at getting married?

    Let me know if you need any help/tips. It's a good job you've started early because a lot of places get booked up quite far in advance!

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    Oh Claire,

    Thank-you for your reply! I felt so lonely as the English bride in Paris (other half doesn't quite get it as he sees Paris as home). I am actually visting a number of locations this week-end in view of securing one.

    As my family are English and have never been to Paris I was looking for an old barn/ big house (with nearby hotels) in the south eastern regions of outer Paris. I would love a peniche (with hotels nearby), but my mum and aunt get very bad motion sickness.

    I am vey excited, I am trying to go for a very relaxed wedding where everyone can chill and relax.

  • I can imagine you're excited. I have to pinch myself regularly because I live in Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world. It's sometimeshard to believe that I'm actually getting married here too! Everyone's really looking forward to it especially because most people will be making a long weekend out of it.

    Before we decided to have our wedding & reception inside Paris we were looking at this place:

    It's near Fontainebleu and it's exactly what I had in mind to start with and there are hotels and "gites" near by. We eventually opted for Paris for logistical reasons because we have people coming from all of Europe and some from the US and Canada.

    Hope this helps, have fun looking at venues this weekend!

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    Merci Claire. This is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for... although I must admit I am concentrating on beauty rather than logistics whilst H2B is completly focussing on logistics.

    I am checking this place out this week-end and will also try and check out the one you recommended.
  • That was one of the places on my list too! If you're interested, here's the link to the peniche we're having our reception on.

    It doesn't move because it's permanently attached to the quai but it still sways when a boat passes. No good for anyone with serious motion sickness!

    Keep me posted on how you get on. Have a great weekend.
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    HI Mappy,

    I am french but living in LOndon. I lived in Paris for 12 yrs. Anyway if you want a saxophonist, you could try and put an ad at the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique de Paris. Basically in Paris you have a State music school in every quarter. Usually you can get some music students interested to play at wedding to make a bit of money.

    good luck
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    Celery, Thank-you for that tip!!!! That is an amazing idea.

    Claire, thank-you for the link to , this is on my list now!
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    Hi Claire,

    Just updating you!!!

    We didn't find anything that grabbed us !!! We have strong feelings for Les Granges de Bas Torfou but there are one or two negaitive comments on the forums regarding this place so I am a little worried. Personally the place was wonderful (looks better in real life) and the space was incredible. Bad point it that it is very close to the N20 so could hear the motorway traffic.

    Anyway H2B is visiting Paris again next week so I have my hopes on

    Hopefully this is the one!!!

    Thanks for your recommedations


  • MappyukMappyuk Posts: 72
    Well Pastoureaux was the one!! Claire would you mind giving me the details of the American Church? We are struggling to find a church that can do bilingual ceremonies and this sounds perfect.

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