Dutch Weddings

We are planning a wedding for next summer in the Netherlands (where we live!)

Any other expats or dutch-fanatics out there who'd like to share support?



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    Hi Donnas

    I also live in Holland. My h2b is Dutch. We're getting married 02 December. When's your date, where will you get marry?
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    Nice to hear from you

    Not till next year, have only just done the ring thing and haven't even told parents yet!!

    Probably May in in Leiden, where we live.

    How about you?

    December will be lovely and romantic.

    My bloke is English, I don't know if that makes it easier documentation-wise.

    Did you have to get your cerificates 'legalised', if so do you know if it has to be done in London (am currently waiting to hear back from the Embassy)



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    Congratulations. I live in Haarlem but we are getting married at the Hooge Vuursche in Baarn. We are just going through the process of 'onder trouw' - registering the marriage and it's a nightmare. We've been to the Gemeente in Haarlem so they can check our documents and mine still aren't correct. You need passport, certified and legalised birth certificate (costing me about £50 - £25 for certified bc even though I had the original and £24 for legalisation check www.fco.gov.uk) and a certified letter from the British consulate in Amsterdam which states that either you've never been married or you are divorced which costs Euro 55. You take all these to the local Gemeente and then they make you an appointment for onder trouw. I suggest you check with Leiden Gemeente to find out exactly what you need as it maybe different with you both being English.
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    2 questions

    What does 'certified' birth certificate mean and where is this done?

    Did you do the legalisation by post or by person.

    Your venue is superb by the way!!

    Have you found that most of your UK friends are able to come over?

    best wishes

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    BC needs to have a stamp on it and a paragraph saying "This is a certified certificate....." you can get it by post for £25 http://www.bmd-certificates.co.uk/ you need the long version. Legalisation can be done by post at fco.gov.uk.

    Yes, they are all coming over, not one person turned us down. We're starting the celebrations on Friday with a dinner for everyone and then we get married on the saturday. They are all staying at the hotel.
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    thanks for the info, you're a star

    and it's wonderful to hear that your friends can come, i do feel somewhat guilty about making people travel, including 101 year old grandma!!

    please let me know if there is anything i can help with.

    is there anything you haven't sourced yet?

  • Hello Ladies!!!

    Bit late in reading this thread... Just saw this message and delighted to see some other brides getting married in Holland. I'm also living in Holland and getting married here (in Arnhem) in February.

    When are you getting married??? Where?? How are you finding the preparation over here?? We're going ot the gemeente on the Monday morning prior to our big day (it's free then ) and then having a church ceremony on the Friday followed by a big party.

    Have you got many people coming over from the UK?

    Thought may be an idea to swap notes on any administration / bureaucracy we've

    had to deal with in the lead up to our big days. Might be useful?

    Anyway, hope you're interested.



  • hi grace (love that name!)

    are you brit or dutch? and bloke? what brings you to NL?

    there is a 4th dutch bride - sarahloe onthe site

    i have just got our certificates back from london and will hopefully go next week to the consulate in amsterdam to get our 'we're not married already' certificate

    then we can go to the gemeente and actually get a date but am currently sort of aiming for may. most people seem quite positive about being able to make it, including some from oz!!

    how are you getting on for sourcing stuff - let me know if i can help in any way

    i have my dress already, vague plans for flowers and probable venue. trying to do as much as possible now to avoid last minute madness (ha ha)

    take care and hope to hear from you soon

  • Hi Donna and Grace

    Finally got my appointment for ondertrouw - 3rd time lucky! We've had real problems finding out exactly what documents they required. Thankfully all sorted now and we have a date for 9 October. They've kept all our documents so now I'm worrying that they will lose them.

    It's spurred us in to getting more things sorted now. We going to buy the rings tomorrow and all the paper, envelopes and ribbon for the invites - guess I'm going to be busy for the next few nights.

    Only 12 weeks to go now and the excitment and nerves are really building. I dreamt about my dress not fitting me yesterday and it was covered in plastic purple beads!!

  • hey cheese

    blimey i am not looking forward to dutch bureaucracy - well done for sticking with it!

    please let me know if you need help finding stuff, i have built up a nice lot of websites for different things and like an excuse for more internet surfing - although you have lots of nice shops in haarlem of course

    did you sort out your flowers in the end?

    notice your avatar has changed - guess that's your lovely dress then!

    my bloke is currently driving me nuts going through our itunes for the stadshuis music, difficult to find things that are short enough (though could edit), not too sloppy (or i'll cry) or not too silly - what are you going for?

    best wishes



  • Hi, everybody!!

    Dutch bride nr. 4 here!

    You all seem very organized!! Where are you going for your rings Cheese?

    Love the dress in your avater! Is that a rembo styling dress?

    p.s. Donna I got the job teaching special needs children!!! It's only temp. but it's a start.

  • hi sarahloe

    well done on the job

    temp jobs are great when you are starting out, i did two before i got a permanent contract and learnt a great deal from the experience

    is the work near you in eindhoven?

    and have you found your bridesmaids dresses yet?


  • Hi Donna,

    The job I got is in Tilburg. About 30 min away. I am so very exited about it!! Tomorrow they are going to let me know what days I will be working. And then I'll prob. start sometime this week.

    Haven't got my BM dresses yet. I asked my cousin to go and try one of the dresses on I liked best (she lives in England) and she told me she put the dress on and eveybody startded laughing!! So no succes yet. Might go to England for half term and pick a dress with her.

    How are you getting on with planning? Got the paper work sorted yet?

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  • i can see that you bm dresses are going to be a challenge if people are in different countries - how many do you have and where?

    poor girl getting laughed at!

    i am not having bridesmaids but a wonderful team of friends who i will make corsages/buttonholes for, therefore no dresses/suits to worry about

    i am trying desperately to keep things simple but keep getting sidetracked by lovely bits and pieces

    we have got our certificates back from london and we are going to the consulate on wednesday morning to get the declaration of being free to marry

    then we'll get down to the gemeente to finally get a date (i still like may, but if not perhaps september)

    have just about decided on reception venue http://www.debeukenhof.nl

    it is a beautiful small hotel with fab garden and yummy food

    we're off to a wedding in scotland this weekend, it'll be wierd to go now i know so much more about everything wedding-wise (hoping to get lots of tips)

    good luck for this week at your new job

    keep us posted


  • Here's a link to our wedding rings. I just love them and can't wait to collect them. I'm sure I'll be wearing it around the house! B198 and B199


    Dress is Rembo Styling - still waiting for the call on that for the first fitting. I changed my avater so I can at least visit it whilst online!

    We looked at de Beukenhof too, it wasn't big enough for us unfortunately, it's a beautiful place.

    I've just about got the invitations sorted, I will be spending hours sticking ribbon on to them. I've done a couple of samples and I'm really pleased with them, saving us a fortune too.

    The only things left to do now are music for the ceremony, I'm thinking instrumental version of 'Have a told you lately that I love you' (Van Morrision) to walk down to. I'm going to send my bms down first as the song is too long otherwise. And we still have to decide on the cake decoration.

    Everything seems to becoming together now but can't help thinking I've forgotten something!!

    Just found out one of my bms (my sister) will be 4 months pregnant on the day which is all very exciting (my niece or nephew will be at our wedding!), luckily the bm dress will still fit her.
  • hey cheese - rings are fab, very chic

    congrats on being an almost auntie - is this your first niece/nephew?

    good luck with all those invitations - how many people are you having (assume more than 100!)

    will also be doing ours, but just printed no sticking (i'd get too carried away)

    have designed our own 'logo' based on dick bruna wedding illustration

    you are all in one place for your venue/ceremony aren't you, and it looks swanky so not much for you to do i guess?

    went to consulate this morning - we are now officially single (?!)

    have a great weekend vrouwen (hope this weather holds)



  • Wedding Fair - Den Haag

    Thought maybe some of you might be interested.

  • Just a quick update. Picked up the rings - I keep taking it out of the box and trying it on, resisting the temptation to sleep in it!!

    Flowers and cake have been ordered and I'm starting on the invitations tonight. Just the ceremony music to sort (got the walking down the aisle bit) - anyone got any ideas for pre-wedding & signing of the register?
  • hey cheese nice to hear from you - your avatar has changed again - what's the story?

    music - am the worst person to ask, we have a long shortlist but everything is making me cry at the moment.

    do you have to do any walking down the aisle type stuff?

    our stadhuis was open for open monument day recently so i surreptiously walked out the huge room we have to cross - 40 paces!!

    currently i like 'bring me sunshine' from morecombe and wise, at least it'll make me smile while i am sobbing.

    i would like something a bit different whatever we choose.

    we love vaughan williams and michael nyman but as with much classical much is too long, though could edit of course.

    what have you been considering?


  • blurgh

    just realised from the long list of stuff to get together, we have to get copies of our witnesses' passports

    and hadn't even asked them yet (our siblings)

    so it'll be another week or so before going to the stadhuis

    am getting impatient for a date!!


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    came across this site recently - gives you dutch weather on a particular day in serveral places. it has helped me narrow down our day, but even if you have already chosen gives you an idea of whether you'll need brollies or suncream (or both)



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    how did your ondertrouw go?

    are you all set for december?

    anything still left to do that we can help with?


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    Hi Donna

    Ondertrouw was fine. We met with the man who will marry us, in Baarn, yesterday, we talked to him for over an hour!! he's a really lovely guy and we really feel like it will all go exactly as we want it. Booked our photographer yesterday too and had my first fitting for my dress today - still love the dress.

    Bit of a scare with our invites to the UK, they took over 2 weeks to get there!! Advise you to send them in plenty of time.

    We've just got the table plan to do (once everyone relplies) and find some more music for the ceremony. Pretty sorted really, thankfully. How's your planning going? x
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    great stuff, the ondertrouw is a brilliant idea, makes the ceremony more personal.

    flaming dutch postal service, can't believe it, two weeks!!

    i may arrange a visit to uk around the time we send ours, will save a bit of money too, was planning to do it just after the ondertrouw. anyhow thanks for the warning!

    glad to hear the rest of your planning is going well.

    did i ask you what you were doing for a wedding list, if anything?

    i am currently dithering about the venue, having just about decided on the beukenhof i then found the theehuis in leiden wood, which is more what i was wanting in the first place - more informal and more dutch in fact it couldn't be more gezellig!!


    it has a playground for the kiddies and a lake, woods and windmill for piccies etc. we would also be able to have a barbie. plus the party can go on as long as we like as there are no houses nearby to annoy. plus we will be able to afford to invite more people - stopping me from fretting about the guest list.

    can you tell i am persuading myself here? i'll change my mind by the weekend...

    anyhow otherwise the only other things that have been done lately are the save the dates and booking the car (citreon ds) and bus (old green single decker) to take people to the venue from the stadhuis

    we are also wondering about doing a canal trip for the guests - hiring a boat, but i am worried that we are making things too complicated... certainly might be nice for people that haven't been to NL yet

    looking forward to half term next week, am very tired, frazzled and unable to think clearly...

    take care



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    How's your venue decision going? Both are very lovely locations. I would be slightly worried about gatecrashers at the theehuis. Let me know what you decide.

    Saw your dress on another thread, it's gorgeous, perfect for your day.

    How's half term going? I envy you, I'm counting the days till our honeymoon - I'm absolutely cream crackered, not had a day off since March as I'm saving all my days for our trip.
  • donnasukdonnasuk Posts: 658
    hey cheese

    so you're just about ready then - how exciting!!

    thanks for the dress compliment, yours is fab too!! halternecks are beautiful

    we decided on the theehuis - much more us, although the beukenhof is lovely - am not worried about gatecrashers as it is well out of town, and there are no houses nearby. we passed by there last friday night and the storm lamps were lit outside for a party, it looked magical.

    also tested their cuisine by having a uitsmijter kaas (didn't think about the calories) yum

    yes half term is blissful, though my parents come tomorrow so less so, hope the weather improves

    where's the honeymoon by the way?

    can't decide on ours as we're not exactly going to be flush - probably italy or greece or camping in france, driving down through belgium, well plenty of time to decide anyhow

    we're planning an australia trip the following summer so that's the biggy, lots of friends there to visit



    ps: sarahloe - how did the bridesmaid dress hunt go?

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    just remembered you were planning to go to oz for the honeymoon

    i would love to hear what you have arranged - what parts are you hoping to visit?


  • cheeseukcheeseuk Posts: 125

    We're flying to Sydney, just booked The Vibe hotel for 5 days to relax and unwind. Then we pick our 4wd up on the 10th and slowly make our way to Cairns. We're planning on visiting all the places we went to 9 years ago! Going back to where we first met so I can take hubbie on a sailing trip around The Whitsunday's. We will sort out accommodation as we drive along.

  • donnasukdonnasuk Posts: 658
    oh my goodness that sounds wonderful,

    a lot of travelling but what a gorgeous country

    and it will be so beautiful on the boat.

    i have a friend living in miami on the gold coast, perhaps you could pop in for a cuppa?


  • donnasukdonnasuk Posts: 658

    my goodness you must be so excited about next weekend and your oz trip

    are you all ready for everything?



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