Help, new ayia napa bride xxxxx

Hey everyone

I am new to this website and I am looking for some information from any ayia napa brides, looking for venues etc and don't know where to start, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you mrs livingstone to be xxxxx


  • I'm getting married at the Garden of Eden.

    There's a few hotels along nissi bay where you can get married, Nissi Beach Hotel being one of the nicest in my opinion. Depends on your budget really as you could just get married at the town hall. x
  • there are some famous venues in Nayia Napa :

    Nissi Beach Hotel

    Olympic Lagoon hotel

    Grecian Sands hotel

    Grecian Park hotel

    Adams beach hotel

    Vrissiana Beach Hotel

    Hope this helps! image

  • thanks you very much for your replies, will go ad ad have a look at the venues xxxxx
  • LJSxxLJSxx Posts: 116
    Have been to Ayia Napa a few times now, just came back from the last time. I'm getting married at Adams Beach next April. What sort of thing are you looking for?? Beach, gardens etc?? xx
  • Check out Blue Palm Sunset for a great little secluded venue. I'm also using Solaris Photography for my photos, their photos look fab! image

  • I can also highly recommend Blue Palm Sunset too - i visited it there two weeks ago and it's amazing. You're spoilt for choice with venues though it depends what you're looking for.

    Best of luck.x
  • I'm also getting married at Blue Palm Sunset in 2012 and hoping to stay Nissi Beach hotel! Seems to be lots of choice for that area

    Angela1382 - Wow, how was your visit to Blue Palm Sunset? Are you due to get married there? I am but havent visited the venue so would love to hear a bit more about it image
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