Theme colours HELP

Hi Ladies,

Im struggling for a theme, basically my bridesmaid dresses are a silvery blue colour and dont know what other colour will match this for balloons, flowers etc I really want pink but dont think it will go, any advice?


Nat image


  • Have you got a picture of the colour blue?? It's suprising how well pink & blue will go together if you chose the right shades xx
  • Ivory?
  • il try a find the colour for you to look at

    thanks x
  • I think pink and blue go well together.
  • This is the link to my BM dresses, if you click on the colour chart they are the colour siel,

    What do you think xx
  • I would say Cream/Ivory or really light pink, gorgeous dresses by the way xx
  • Thanks Wendy, I really havent a clue, my mum says a royal blue would look good too as the BM dresses are light, I really would like Pink though, its so tough, my dress is diamond white its sotterro and midgley and its called Billie.

  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    What about a pale yellow, blue and yellow work well together. I can't picture the blue and pink personally xx
  • I think the blue would be nice with pink. Either soft baby pink or a bright fuschia pink would be best. The dresses are lovely as well. x
  • Thanks Ladies, I think I will be able to tell more when i receive the samples of the bridesmaid dresses, I love the colour, but didnt think about what would go with it image

    Its really funny because since choosing that colour I have seen so many cars the same colour, im not sure what colour you would call it x
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