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Paphos Town Hall, After 2pm?????

Hello Ladies,

Just a quick one. Trying to get a rough idea of how much money we need to take for our wedding in paphos. We are getting married at Paphos town hall and have requested 12-1pm. I know that the time we get married wont get confirmed until in resort, however i know that if you get married after 2pm then there is a fee of 125euros. Do you know if any weddings in paphos town hall are after 2pm?

Thank you very much x x x


  • Can you not get in touch with the town hall direct? I don't get married till 1st June and I already know I am getting married at 3pm?xx
  • Sorry... we are getting married in a hotel though xx
  • Hi, when we arrivied our wedding co-ordinator told us that the town hall weddings are in the morning (before 2pm) and the hotel weddings are the afternoon (after 2pm), well this is normally, I dare say there will be some exceptions.
  • Hi, I am getting married in Paphos Town Hall on 19th October, we booked through First Choice/Thomson and already know the wedding will be at 2pm

    I'm sure they can tell you a time before you arrive as we got told a month ago?
  • Thank you lilymou, i e-mailed them and they have confirmed 12 o clock. . . Just wondering what everyone is doing on the day. I am getting married at 12 at paphos town hall , then we will have photo's s etc, but what do you do between then and a meal. I was thinking we would have a meal about 5pm, i have picked a restaurant already ????? Just worrying how the day will run now image x
  • We got married at 12.30pm at Peyia Town Hall. We had the photos then went onto our reception at Zaffrons, arriving approx 1.30. We had more pics taken there. We eventually sat down to our meal at 2.15-2.30. We had some after dinner drinks, then we had some greek dancers for entertainment. They finished in time for us to get a minibus to Paphos harbour where we had a 2-3hr coastal cruise to round off our day. It was a special day & even now people talk about it. image
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