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anyone getting or been married in Turkey???

I am getting married in 4 weeks at the blue Lagoon Turkey...getting worried now about the small details and they've changed our hotel twice! Taking all 4 of my children so this stressing me out too..the youngest only 6 months! Has anyone ever been to the blus lagoon?? I've never even been there!!!! image


  • Never been there, but we're getting married at the blue lagoon next year!

    Cant believe they have changed your hotel once, let alone twice! I didn't even know they were allowed to change your hotel! Who are you travelling with? We have booked a wedding planner so our hotel was booked separately to the wedding.

    If your worried definitely ring the company you have booked with, at the very least they have to guarantee your hotel! It must make it far more stressful having young children as well to think about.

    Try not to worry though, I'm sure everything is in hand. Just keep ringing until you have the answers you want.

    Hope everything works out for you, and you come back soon and show us your pictures! image

  • Hi I'm getting married at the blue lagoon next June with Carole and Tayfun. I went to a wedding there in June and it is gorgeous! Who are you getting married with?
  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    hi hun

    i got married at the blue lagoon last was absolutely fantastic

    tell me what hotel they have given you and i will let you know what its like,where abouts it is etc if you an olu deniz expert hehe

    you defo wont be disapointed with the wedding its me

    i can post some piccies if you like
  • Hi! I'm getting married at the Blue Lagoon next year too! Can't wait.

    Been to Olu Deniz a few times and the beach it beautiful.

    Mojo2001 - would LOVE to see pics! image
  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    okey doke will pop some on shortly


    i have loads lol

  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    heres a link to my piccies on fb

    (i hope it works)

    will post a link to my others later xx

    i hope you like!/photo.php?pid=30853219&fbid=1376298692790&id=1391526450
  • Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the colourful backdrop too! Can I ask what time you got married? As the light is perfect in those photos x
  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511

    here is the link to the others

    we got married at was boiling hot but still lovely
  • Hi Mojo2001

    I've seen the pics it looks amazing. We're getting married at the Blue Lagoon with Carole and Tayfun in July next year.

    Can I ask did you go through Carole and Tayfun? x
  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    no..we booked through first choice

    they were fantastic...
  • Hey,

    We got married with Carole and Tayfun 10 days ago! It was amazing!!

    Here is a link to some of the photos on fb (hopefully it works!!)!/album.php?aid=560705&id=539965649


  • hiya all,

    we got maried in Turkey on the blue lagoon on 26th June and it truly was the perfect day. I couldn't recommend the blue lagoon and carole and tayfun enough. Carole and the teams attention to detail was perfect, from the location to hairdresser she organised. Your in for a real treat ladies, enjoy and worry not imagexxx
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    I have just booked my wedding with Carole and Tayfun and staying in Club Sun City, olu Deniz I am excited but nervous too, I would love to see some pics if thats possible! also just wondering how your day went if you dont mind its just good to hear from someone who has had personnel experience their! did the sand annoy you? were you able to wear heels?

    Sorry for all the questions!
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