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need a bit of advice please


i've been just looking on here since december when i got engaged and have now built up the courage to ask some questionsimage

i'm getting married on oct 14th 2011 at the ledra beach in cyprus. We have about 10 to 12 people attending including myself and the groom. we're not having a reception as such, we're just having a meal at the hotel, then having a party/reception when we get back to wales.

i've ordered my silk flowers from and im just wondering how did everybody take their flowers abroad?

also i would like to know what others think on this.........

i'm 5'3 and h2b is 5'7, now i like being shorter than him so dont want high heals, as we are getting married under a gazebo on the grass infront of the sea i have thought about wearing pretty , sparkly flip flops, but nearly everybody is telling me not to as you need heals to give you a better posture????

what do you guys think?



  • If you dont want to wear heels then dont! I will have to as im 5'4 and hes 6'6 :-S chapel not beach me thinks!

    Sparkly flip flops will be grand - what about have both and change later if you're not sure - youve still got a long time to decide.

    I havent taken flowers abroad, have you tried contacting your flowers supplier and see what they suggest?xx
  • Hi Lisa,

    I am only 5ft so wil be opting for heels on my day. However I am getting married in Vegas and would love to wear sparkly sandles, but do agree that your posture is better in heels - in my case i tend to look a bit "dumpy" in flats so heels will help me in my wedding pics image

    However it is your day and there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable - especially if you are nervous and worrying about your heels getting stuck in the grass is another thing to add to your worries!!

    I am sure you will look lovely whatever you choose!

  • What ever you fell best in its your day xxxx
  • Hi,

    I am getting married at the Ledra Beach Hotel on 19th October 2010, not long to go now!

    I too am wearing flip flops, heels in the sand would be a no no I thought.

    as for your flowers, i have got a large tupperware box and put my bouquet in that to save it getting squashed

    Hope this helps x
  • thanks everybody, im gonna have a look for a small heal i think, i just heard kitten heals are gonna be big in fashion so hopefully i'll have lots of choice.

    mrs low to be, thank you so much thats a great idea, i bet your so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see some pics

  • xayukxayuk Posts: 591 New bride
    For all types of wedding shoes take a look at:
  • Kitten Heels are a good idea! My Mum got married at the Ledra 6 years ago, i love that hotel, ive just heard that next year its going to be put up to a 5 star aswell!!!!
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592

    Im 5'3 and H2B is 6'3 but i am wearing flats!

    Like you I am getting married vertually on the beach and I just want to be comfortable (plus I dont wear shoes normally!)

    People cant seem to understand why I DONT want to wear shoes, however like I said, I am opting for comfort ... plus, all our family and friends know how much shorter I am, so why try to hide it right?

    Hope you make the right choice for you

    Kate x
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