Stressed!!! Wedding documents have not arrived in Zante

Oh My God, our wedding is in 2 weeks and wedding planner has said today she hasn't got the documents we sent for translation!! We sent them over a week ago an know that they have been sent to Greece but not sure if they are going to get there now as they are apparently having strikes on deliveries soon!! i am not sure what else we can do as no time to get new ones and can't get married without the originals!!


  • Oh no hun,

    Sorry to hear that you've got this last minute stress! Really hope that they turn up soon! Got everything crossed for you!

  • oh hon please dont freak out yet...

    i often send stuff from here(ireland)to greece(hubby is from athens) and it is so random whether it takes 4 working days or 10 working days,there seems to be no sense in it!

    you are right though there is a strike and not much petrol for sale (the trucks that deliver it to the petrol stations are on strike!)but i have my fingers crossed that itll get there ok.
  • They have thankfully arrived today!!!! Yippee!!! All the planning has not been wasted, x
  • Yey so glad to hear that hun!! image Hope you have an amazing day!!

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