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las vegas

Hi Everyone

Me and my Fiance have decided to go get married in las vegas.

DEcided to just be the 2 of us and in secret but i still want the big dress!! Will i look really silly?? We will be having a big party when we get back so i will get to wear it again for everyone to see.

We would also like to get married in the the little church of the west. Not sure of where to go afterwards or anything else!!

Any advice welcome

Thanks xx


  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645

    We get married in Vegas in 9 days time! I am wearing a full dress and have been asured that you wont look odd or out of place! Apparently you get loads of cheers and free drinks!

    Not sure about the chapel though as we are marring in in one of the hotels.

    Good luck! Las vegas looks lush!
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in Vegas next year however went there on holiday last year and saw loads of brides in big dresses!

    Everyone in Vegas is lovely and they all congratulate you - not to mention the free drinks i am sure you will get!!

    Its your day so wear your dream dress - you will see lots of other newly weds there in all sorts of dresses (Vegas is CRAZY!!) and you will regret it if you dont wear what you want to!!


  • ps - if you are undecided on the chapel still have a look at the little chapel of the flowers - after looking at possibly every chapel in Vegas I finally decided on this one after seeing so many people on this site have choose it also!

  • If you want somewhere amazing to go afterwards for dinner or drinks that's near to the Chapel of the West, then I would recommend MIX in TheHotel (next to Mandalay Bay) - it is very grand and the decor looks so posh - but best of all is the balcony and the view from the 64th floor...!
  • kez1kez1 Posts: 86
    Wow thats great, i would love to get married in Vegas but don't think family would be too happy. I have been on holiday there a few times and you see loads of brides walking around in their big dresses, it must be great to have so many people looking at you. You will get a lot of pople congratulating you.
  • we got married august 12th in vegas. it was amazing- far more emotional than i thought it would was just the two of us, no big dress etc. i couldnt recommend it highly enough. it was so so special. i miss vegas! image

    anyone need any recommendations for make up, meals etc just shout! image
  • ive been to vegas n i can assure u wont look out of place in a big dress!

    i rem goin to my room at about 2am in the mornin and a bride n groom steppin in the lift with me, so random but cool!

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