What are you doing about music?

I really hadnt thought about it until my friend said today 'what music are you having for xyz'


1. Walking down the aisle music

2. Background music for when signing etc

3. Music for the evening

1. Walking down the aisle I will find a classical piece.

2. Do we provide the hotel with that or are you taking your own? if so what are you having?

3. Are you supplying your own evening music?


  • I'm having fear a bhata by capercailie to walk down the isle and always a woman for our first dance. We are making our own play list on the computer and then our friend is putting it through speakers with lights on the day! So much easier! We also know we won't have some crap dj that will play stuff we don't like!
  • Hey hun, We've been told by our hotel we can either make a playlist on an ipod or put it ona cd and they will play it for us. We can also make one for in the background during the meal afterwards.

    I've picked greatset day by take that to walk into, signed sealed delivered by stevie wonder to sign the register and i got you (i feel good) to walk out too.

    We have loads of choices for our first dance but we're not having that until back in the uk so we have an extra 2 week to pick it image
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