dress too big for hand luggage

has anyone got the same problem? it's either got to go in the hold or sent to my wedding planner by courier. i really don't know what to do! either way my dress will be out of my eyesight!


  • who are you flying with? Virgin will put it in their cabin wardrobe for you, give them a call if you're flying with them, or you can buy wedding dress boxes for transporting
  • I had this problem and was so worried about it as we fly with Thomason and my dress would have to go in the hold or in hand lanuage case!! I didn't think it would fit in a hand lanuage case but I have picked it up and the shop got it in for me.. BUT it is going to need a good stream when we get to the other side lol...

  • I flew with Ryanair and decided to buy my dress it's own seat as per their policy. As I booked early it was only £20 each way. Dress in sight at all times. Even managed to put the suits in the same bag to save on weight limit. No problems at all.
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    My dress is big so the only option is a large box to carry it in. So I have paid for an extra suitcase £32 with BA for another 23kgs. I have a massive suitcase and in it will be my wedding dress in box, flower girl, page boy outfits and favours.

    I really am not worried one bit about it going into haul. I have had luggage go 'missing' before (usually in a dispute/strike time) and it has always been returned to me within 24 hours by courier. We get married 5 days after landing. It is very rare it gets completely 'lost'. I think take deep breaths, think about it rationally and put it in the hold, it will be fine.

    Also even if you had your dress on board the chances are your shoes, jewellry, etc etc etc would be in the hold along with all your holiday clothes. In some ways I would rather lose my dress than my suitcase with absolutely everything else in it x
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    Look at dressinabox website....there is a list of airlines and the size box they allow for hand luggage.

    My dress is big and it will still fit in a box, the dress shop have said they will box it up for me ready to go. then when i get to resort, take it out and hang it (steamy bathroom was suggested) to get any creases out

    Just to add, it will fit in a box as dresses are delivered to the dress shops in boxes most of the time....
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    I also flew with ryan air and bought the dress a seat. I booked early so the ticket was cheap. It was great being able to put the suits in their too. I felt so relaxed being able to see my dress at all times. I did get a couple of funny looks but it was worth it.
  • I flew with SAS and contacted them prior to flying and they very kindly let me carry my dress onboard and hung it up for me as well as letting me have another small piece of hand luggage. Contact your airline and see what they say!
  • thanks everyone for your replies. we fly with easyjet, i'll look into seeing if i can have extra luggage, as the dress is also heavy, and i've only 20kg for everything! Trust me to fall in love with a dress that's huge and heavy!
  • I'm having the same problem. I literally just found out my options are to fit it into a tiny bag/box or check it. Buying another seat sounds like an amazing idea but is not really an option for me as we're flying to nyc. I wont check it as last time our baggage was lost for three days and my wedding is three days after we land - I just can't risk it.

    Because of how strict airline rules have to be going uk-america I really don't think I'll bother having it packed into a box either as it will more than likely have to be taken out and searched so I'm thinking I'll fold it into a hand luggage case as well as I can and steam the hell out of it once we land image x x
  • The Empty Box Company do wedding dress boxes specifically which meet airline regulations for overhead storage...if you could get your dress steamed when you reach your destination, at least this option would mean the dress wouldn't be out of your sight! And , you can then use the box to store your dress in after your wedding!
  • I'm also having this problem. My adivice is not to pay for another suitcase because my friend did this and it got lost! she was getting wed in Chad and didnt get the case back till 2 weeks after she got home. Was a nightmare for her because she couldn't find a dress in chad that she liked, she really wishes she would of payed extra to hold on the plane. x
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    Bride2Bxx - surely it having a 'friend' that has her bag lost in Chad is v different to people flying Ryan Air to Europe or BA to popular destinations like Mauritius etc.

    As I said before, I would in someways rather lose my dress than a 3 week holidays worth of luggage (same chance). Plus you wont take all your BM, FG, Best Man etc outfits on board. Yeah the bride looks nice but thats it. The chances are so small.

    It is like me saying 'ooooh I know a friend of a friends, aunts uncles cousin who took thier dress on board and coffee was spilt on it'

    If your dress is too big for hand luggage or you dont want to pay the extra £900 for a seat (to mauritius where I am getting married) then I think they small risk of paying for another bag. (not in a remote African country where there are only a few flights a week, hence the bag taking longer to return to the country surely)
  • well i have looked into easyjet's extra baggage, and i would have to pay for extra weight. They let you have extra bags but the catch is, you get no extra weight. So i would have my "holiday" suitcase, and if i had my dress in the hold, my total weight would still be 20kg! Considering my dress is fairly heavy, i would have to cut back on 2 weeks worth of things in my suitcase! Shocking! I have my dress in a "suit" bag at the moment, and i managed to fold in in 3, then squash it down! I think it may just about squeeze into one of those travel boxes.

    To add an extra bag for the hold, and add the weight, would cost £60!

    I'd rather steam the hell out of my dress when i get to cyprus. I have got a sauna in my villa, maybe that will help!
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    Geez £60 for 1 way is a lot. BA is £32. You could always buy a hand held steamer from amazon
  • I bought an exra seat for my dress as I said earlier but one of the suits had to go in the very top of a bulging suitcase... and it was fine, not a single crease at all.

    Used a rigid frame case so that it would limit the chances of it getting squashed.

    I think creases are more likely to happen from dress/suit moving about during transit than it having to be folded over.
  • You would be surprised how much dress you can fit into hand luggage!!!!

    I fit my dress into a small trolley case and carried it on!!!

    It was very squashed in but not as creased as I thought it would be!!!

    This is my dress:

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