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Check your birth certificate!

This is what happened to us.

We need the full birth certificate to get married in Cyprus and h2b only had the little one. That was fine, we just sent of for the large on and he was very excited when it arrived. However when we looked at it closer, his birth date on the large one was wrong. We phoned the registrer and it had been wrong on the origial from the beginning, wrong for 34 yrs!!! Of course this now does not match with his little cert or passport.

The registrer has tried to amend the mistake by placing a note on the cert. We just hope this will be ok when we get to Cyprus!! Wish us luck.image


  • clairsmith10clairsmith10 Posts: 187
    oh my god, i have only 55 days b4 we marry in cyprus and the little birth cert thing was worrying me. so i e mailed a copy to my wedding co ordinator who said it will be fine, however now i am wondering if i should get a large copy just in case????
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    You get married day after me then, got 54 days. We were told all along to get large copy. I'd prob get one, it only cost £7, worth it just in case.
  • clairsmith10clairsmith10 Posts: 187
    yeah think i will, i have just had to send my passport off this week as when i checked it it runs out while we are there! oh god! i am awake every nite now worrying i have forgotten something! are you like this now!
  • panoramaukpanoramauk Posts: 18
    55 days till we marry in Greece as well!!

    We also sent the 'little' birth certificate to Greece but they insisted on having the long one. Best to have as much info. as you can then you can't go wrong.

    Not looking forwards to the heat!

  • boogalou78boogalou78 Posts: 277
    Ordered my long birth certificate on the friday it was ready for collection on the tuesday even though monday was a bank holiday so it took no time at all. So do not panic!
  • gdrydengdryden Posts: 163
    can you order a full birth certificate online? my H2B only has the small one and we live about 100m from where his brith was registered?

    Thanks Gem xx
  • Don't worry. You can order online from the General Registry Office. It still only costs £7. I do it all the time for my family history research.
  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    Hi Gem you can go into your local registry office to get copy girls are right it only takes a couple of days but you need the long copy as short copies do not have parents names on

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