I'm getting married in Antigua May 2011


I'm getting married in Cocobay Antigua May 2011...and i can't wait!!

Is there anyone else getting married in Antigua next May either in Cocobay or at another hotel. Would have loved Galley Bay or Bluewater but our budget just didn't stretch that far!

We are hoping for a nice relaxing wedding with both our parents and a few close friends coming with us. I have searched the forums and not found any recent Antigua wedding posts!

We chose Antigua due to the ease of planning the wedding and only needing our passport and birth certificate, and not having to translate our wedding certificates upon our return. We booked direct with Virgin and are having a evening recpetion 2 weeks after we return image




  • Carter2beCarter2be Posts: 183
    Hi Natalie,

    I'm getting married in Antigua next April, at bluewaters. Only got family coming so 12 in total. I can't wait, it looks so gorgeous.

    What plans/arrangements have you made already. X

  • Hello!!

    Congratulations to you both!!

    Im getting married in Antigua in 6 weeks!! Eek!!

    Im so excited!!

    How are your plans going?

  • Hello! My first post...

    I'm getting married at Bluewaters in April 2011 too!! We're on the 11th image when is yours?
  • Me too at Holly Beach in Feb whoop whoop xx
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    Nessynoouk, how strange we are getting married on the 12th???

  • Carter2be - exciting!

    We have 13 people coming to ours (11 adults and 2 children). I'm trying to sort out welcome bags for everyone so have a list of things to buy but can't actually find any decent (yet cheap!) bags?!?!

    We're going to take sky lanterns and let them off on the beach (hotel being very accommodating!) at night. When we got engaged we did this on the last night of the holiday, was beautiful!

    SUMMERStoBE2011 - Have you heard anything about having to have 6 months left on your passport for a wedding in Antigua?
  • Nessynoouk- letting of sky lanterns is a lovely idea, we are planning on doing that at the end of our wedding party when we get back to the uk.

    Virgin asked me if both me and my h2b had 6 months left on our passports - i do but my h2b doesn't so we are having to get a new passport for him! I can't wait to go now! Bought my wedding dress today =o)
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    Nessynouk, Lantons sound lovely. I am also thinking of doing some kind of welcome bag, but haven't done much in the way of arranging yet!!! We have 9 adults coming as guests but not all staying at bluewaters. What airport are you travelling from? We are coming from garwick? Have you sorted your photographer out with them yet?

    We are looking into having s sunset cruise after the ceremony for us and the guests! What time are you ladies having your ceremonies? X.
  • SUMMERStoBE2011 - how exciting you bought your dress,guessing your fitting should be February time?? I bought mine last month and can't wait for the fitting in January just so I can see it again!

    We're also thinking of the sunset cruise, as a surprise and a thank you for the guests coming all that way. If we do it i'll write an invitation to put in the gift bags so people can look forward to it from when they arrive! (we're flying from gatwick btw)

    We haven't sorted anything with the hotel yet,I presume they have standard photographers they use and we'll decide when we get there. On the bluewaters facebook group there's a link to a photographer called Vanessa,her pics look amazing (if you're going to book in advance)...

    At bluewaters they only do ceremonies at 4pm, I'm hoping everyone else is around a similar time because that means all the hotels know it's the best time of day - not too hot and no rain?!
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    I looked into vanessa's photo's but wasn't sure the hotel have given me a list of photographers, but I've looked at all their websites and don't really know where to start!!!

    I didn't know about them only doing ceremonies at 4, that's another thing I don't have to worry about though?

    I got my dress 6 months ago, so it should be coming n some time next month I suppose? Ekkk! Have you gone for destination dresses?

    Nessynouk are you flying with virgin? We must be on the same flight? 6th April?

    What have you ladies done about wedding insurance, I don't really know where to start?

  • Haha! Yes we're on the same flight, we're with virgin! How strange is that...?!

    I haven't gone for a destination dress, mines the sort of dress you wear for a "normal" wedding,which is now worrying me a bit but when I tried it on my mum,sister and lady in the shop all said 'its your wedding,you're the bride,wear what you want'. Hopefully it won't be too much for the beach!

    Bluewaters haven't sent me a list of photographers, I have a menu for the evening poolside BBQ (private) and that's about it!

    I'm not sure we're going to get insurance, some things I've read say you only need to look at it one month before the wedding,but really what can go wrong? It's just like a holiday but with a few extra bits!
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    That's exactly how I feel about insurance, but everyone keeps telling me I should get it. Suppose it covers dress etc. Although I will be taking that on board with me!

    I'm glad you said that as mine is definitely not your typical beach wedding dress, but I don't care! I loved it whenbi tried it on!

    We are virgin. How strange is that? Are you going for two weeks? We are staying in a beach room. Would have loved the cove suites, but budget wouldn't stretch.

    I'm getting really excited now though as the months are flying by.
  • We're going for 16 nights, 6th-22nd. Only 163 (164 for you!) days to go!! We're staying in a beach room too,same would have loved the cove suites but the price difference was massive!! I'm still hoping we arrive and they'll upgrade us, same goes for the flight although it's peak time and my family are flying BA as virgin was full!

    I cant wait, I just need to buy shoes and then we need to get the rings and we're done. All the guys are wearing light trousers and White shirts so quite casual and they can sort themselves out. I'm determined not to stress about any of it!

    What are you doing about makeup? I've been testing waterproof mascara and it ends up under my eyes by the end of the day. Someone has suggested professionally done false lashes but we've got 5 days before the wedding which they'll have to last and I'll be in and out the pool and sea the whole time!! Will they last?! Also a salon near me does gel type nail varnish so I'm probably going to get that done on feet and hands before we fly and hope it lasts image
  • Carter2beCarter2be Posts: 183
    Hehe I was secretly hoping for an upgrade too but to rock cottage!!! Hehe, we have gone premium economy on the flight so really looking forward to that.

    I'm only going for 14 nights you've made me jealous now! My family are all staying for 10 nights, apart from my brother who couldn't get the flights so is staying for 7?

    I'm thinking if having the semi permanent eyelashes as they are supposed to last a good month! I'm going to try them out o we Christmas first though, as I'm going centre parcs, so lots of swimming. I might even use suntan lotion as a test. I'll let you know how it goes? I was td it wouldn't fine, but I'd still rather test. I've gad the get nail varnish done before, I had a French polish and it was brilliant, lasted much longer than the 2 weeks it said it would!

    What shoes are you thinking of getting, I've got mine and the dress, just accessorising now. H2b is going to wear a dull suit, but is getting a light weight one made, all the other guys are wearing their own suits. Like you not stressing too much about it all!

    I can't wait, I actually gave a countdown on my phone. It's coming round so quick!0

    Ing round so quick!
  • I've got a pair of White kitten heel sandals from kurt Geiger that I love so I'm looking for something similar but in purple! Problem is is bought the White ones about 5 years ago so no idea where to start looking now! Actual ceremony will be on the beach so no shoes needed until afterwards.

    Let me know how the lash trial goes, I think I'll have to do one and also for the nail gel stuff.

    Not really sure where to send h2b and gang for the suits,this time of year everything is dark and don't really want to leave it until march when the summer stuff starts to appear in the shops hmm.

    My family are out there for 14 nights but they're getting there end of march so leaving a few days after the wedding, his family are scattered about at other hotels except his dad who seems to think hes spending the honeymoon with us!! He's on our flight and leaves bluewaters just 5 days before us. So we will have to AVOID in different pools for most of our honeymoon arghhh!!! Why do people do that?!?!

    My dress is strapless so I'm already stocking up on Internet buys of strapless bikinis and tops! We're having a party when we get back so I'll have to be careful the whole honeymoon (and make sure I don't eat everything so I still fit in my dress!)

    Squeeee I'm so excited!! image
  • Cartertobe - A sunset cruise sounds amazing! We are going to make sure we do excursions together - stretch our budget and make the most of the amazing location!

    Nessnoouk - Yes around Feb i'll be getting my dress fitting..so i'll be on a misson after xmas to shape up lol! Though i am making an active effort now! My dress is a seashell colour and i'm going to have a mink veil and side detail band... mine is like a normal wedding dress but i'm have some of the train taken off the bottom to make it a bit smaller - its totally different to what i thought i was going to get! I had been looking at maggie sotteros destination gowns! I was in the same situation when the lady in the shop, my mam and friend all said the same about it being my day lol plus i was a bit concerned about finding a linen suit to match for my h2b and was told i was the important one and the dress was perfect!

    We are flying from gatwick! I cant wait to hear about your weddings! I've booked a photographer that someone recomended on tripadvisor- her name is shelly chadburn and I just loved her photography! She offers trash the dress shoot...tho i wont be doing that! image

    I'm really worried about having my make-up don - what are you both doing? are you buying make up here and taking it with you to do it yourself or has your hotel recomended anyone?

    I'm going to have a french manicure polish before I go- i'm so clumsy i'd probably break a gel nail b4 leaving Gatwick image

    Where are you getting your h2bs suits from? Dont know whether to wait unil next year spring/summer collections in NEXT, because I can't seem to find one now.

    Very Excited!!
  • Hi Ladies,

    Love checking this thread now, do you think we can keep it going till May 2011. hehe

    Nessynoouk, i love kurt Geiger, im sure you will find something, look on line. I have got a pair of kitten healed shoes encrusted in peals and dimonte's. hehe.

    My dress is strapless too and i hit the sales at the end of the summer for strapless, tops, dresse's, bikini's etc.

    Don't know where about's you are ladies, but my H2B is having a suit made from Jack Bunneys which is a fantastic shop in Dagenham....! It's not cheap, but then nor was my dress, and at least he will get to wear his again. Like you's i was worried about waiting till March when the ligher colours came back in, so i'm quite happy with this decision.

    SUMMER2BE2011, my dress has a massive train, my mum thinks i should get some of it cut off, but i really want to leave it. Not sure what i'll do yet, think i'll wait untill my fitting.

    As for makeup, i'm not too worried as i've heard our hotel has a really good spa so i am going to just leave it to the experts!!!

    The gel nails, aren't false, it's a gel like nailvarnish that goes on like normal nailvarnish but as its gel it lasts for at least 2 weeks without chipping. It's brilliant, perfect for the beach and you can have a colour or a french polish in it. I got mine done last year at nails inc. Would highly recommend.

    Oh i love this thread...

  • Me too!! I hope we can keep it going until May! I've added it to my favourites image

    Deffo wait until your fitting before cutting any of your train off!! It's what u want at the end of the day and I don't think you should sacrifice anything just because you are marrying on a beach!

    I'm counting down the days until christmas to try and break my countdown up! Really really can't wait now image

    Will have to look at having gel nails done image i think i'm defintely going to go for lash extensions !

    Ooo i just can't wait image
  • Carter2be where did you get your shoes from??

    And how do I add the thread to my favourites?!

    Will come back for a longer post when masterchef final has finished!
  • I just added this page to my 'favourites bar' on my internet explorer - i couldn't find a way of doing it through this web page!

    I'm watching the final too!
  • Congratulations to you all,we got married 5 months ago today at The Verandah in Antigua. You will love it!! We got engaged last year & married at same resort. I had a huge dress,don't think my husband can still believe I wore it all day! You can usually choose between 11am & 4pm for your ceremony. Wear something smart & covered to the officials when you register the marraige. I wore linen trousers & a top. They will turn you away if they don't feel you are respectful. Be careful in the sun before,I was paranoid about strap marks so bought all strapless swimsuits! Really have a wonderful time,there is a virgin rep called Callie who is fantastic. xx
  • Thanks for the advice ladybride, guess I won't be wearing my bunny outfit to register the marriage afterall! Also, it's good to know not everybody wears destination dresses, I've been worrying about mine since I put the deposit down but this is making me feel much better.

    Now, I have just ordered my wedding dress box from ebay and it says "my wedding dress" on the front, with a big purple bow!! My parents are flying out over a week before us and my mum has offered to take the dress and then hang it up in her room but now this box is coming I'm definitely taking it on the flight myself image

    Carter2be - I have the spa menu for bluewaters and am already planning what things I can have before and after the wedding. Still not sure about the makeup though. Whenever I've had makeup done before I don't like it and it doesn't feel like me, so need to just practice myself. I was originally thinking of just doing my own hair too, but now I have the dress I'm worried my hair will look rubbish so might possibly get the hotel to do it for me.

    We've just bought a house so should be moving in december and then it's christmas, then my h2b's birthday in february and then it will be the WEDDING woooooo!!!
  • Great advice ladybride =o)

    I'm the same about my make up as I don't tend to wear much - I was planning on a friend who's a beautician trying out different make up styles, taking pictures, and then decinding if i'm able to recreate the look myself image

    Congrats on buying your new home nessynoouk! image

    I'm sure than will keep you busy!

    Is anyone looking at booking a honeymoon/winter holiday next year?
  • Ohhh exciting reading this thread, I can't wait til Feb until we go!

    Eyelash extensions I would forget to be honest, I have had mine taken off as they look manky after a while, stick with a good pair of false one, MAC are prob the best!

  • Google shellac for nails, ideal, thats what I'm going to have xx
  • Hi ladies have missed this thread last couple of days.

    Nessynoouk, my shoes where from russel and bromley, originally wanted jimmy choo's but when i went to the shop the service was awfull so i walked out feeling a bit down then found the ones i now have for a fraction of a price. They will also be worn a lot on holiday after the ceremony.

    With regards to hair and make up i am going to trust the spa. I never wear makeup normally, so i will only have something minimal, plus don't want it to melt off!!!!!

    i will probable have a hair trial at home, take some pictures and then take them with me. I'm of the opinion though that these ladies abroad do wedding hair/make up etc a lot, so i'm sure they will do a good job...

    summer2be2011 i would love a winter honeymoon, and do keep mentioning it to H2b, but realistically dont know if it's an option, but if it is, will probable be a last minute deal of some sort...

    156 days. Can't wait!!!!
  • Happy Christmas...can't wait for the new year to start finalising all my wedding plans =o) x
  • Hi summers, just seen your other thread,hope you are okay.

    We've been talking about Antigua with my family today and getting SO excited. After Christmas the time is going to fly by, and I don't want to wish is away but I can't wait!

    What have you got left to plan? Here's what I need to do:

    Buy sky lanterns

    Buy petal confetti to use on the beach (must check this is ok with hotel!)

    Find shoes

    Grooms outfit plus best men

    Little bridesmaids outfits

    Then there's a whole heap of things that need doing for the return party,I don't even want to think about that!! image
  • hey Nessnoouk,

    i'm okay, was just feelign a bit overwhelmed with everything! Looking forward to a relaxing christmas break now...tho nearly had a broken bone today after slipping on the snow lol

    I'm the same, i'm going to be seriously counting down come january 1st! You've not got much left to organise! I have to sort grooms suit and thats it, waiting until spring/summer suits come out. Getting my fitting for dress end of Feb, so being a bit careful about what i eat over christmas!

    Are you taking sky lanterns with you? I've ordered some for the party back here but never though about taking some with me, but would be lovely to do on the beach image Have you got a lot of family and friends going with you?

    I wasn't sure whether this thread had been abandoned! Lol...glad it hasn't... not long to go! image

  • We are taking sky lanterns with us, I've seen it on the beach before and it's lovely. There's only 13 of us, we didn't give an open invite to one and all,just to parents, sisters, partners, and best man because we're mean and wanted it to be 'intimate'!

    It feels like we have loads to do and time is ticking. My dress should be in in January so I'm also watching what I put in my mouth. H2b thinks there's no hurry and he can get his clothes practically at the airport, I may have to force him out shopping!

    I'm so excited,I'm on trip advisor every day checking for new reviews and pictures on our hotel squeep!

    Are you having many guests to the actual wedding?
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