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Evening reception for 35-40 people

Hi everyone,

We are getting married next April at the Sunrise Beach Hotel in Protaras, Cyprus and having about 35-40 guests. What i was wondering is, if any of you are having an evening reception with this kind of number of people?

Im just a bit concerned cos worried that there wont be any kind of atmosphere with a smaller number of people as i would like be able to either have a band or a disco type thing.

Has anyone done this already or planning to, with a smaller amount of people, and how did it go?

Thanks ladies



  • Hi there,

    I think they'll be about 35 people at our wedding including ourselves!! but we're hired a caricaturist and will have a DJ. I'm sure the atmosphere will be great. If I have to dance all night (and I hate dancing) to encourage people to get up and have fun, I'll do it
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