Phuket- Thailand

I was just wondering if anyone has been married in Phuket in Thailand and if they could pass on some advice. Locations/photographers/DJ's/hen & stag etc etc.

Also has anyone who been married Thailand have any legal advice they could share? Anything special I need to know?



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    I am getting married in Koh Samui in Thailand and for the wedding to be legal you need to be in Bangkok first to get all the paperwork signed. Did you already know this? It can take up to a week apparently. We have decided to get married in a registry office here a few days before we leave, really play it down so we will think of Thailand as our wedding.

    You should look for a wedding planner for out there who can then recommend and advise you on all those things. We found a shop while driving round the Island on the moped, the lady is English and the Man is American, he will marry us.

    Hope this helps

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