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I am making my own wedding case and taking it in a cake box as hand luggage. Its a fruit cake with marzipan and fondant icing. Does anyone know if this would be a problem as hand luggage restrictions?

Would marzipan or fondant be deemed as a 'paste' ??




  • i would check with the country you are flying to as some places are pretty stricked on taking food in with you. Your airline may also be able to help.
  • xkelxukxkelxuk Posts: 95
    We took our wedding cake with us to Cyprus and was fine, we just let them know when going through security. x
  • Really upset, as our airline (Easyjet) specifically says you cannot take wedding cakes in hand or hold luggage.

    Its all made now and just dont know what to do!!!!

    No couriers either will take it.

    Any ideas very welcome
  • jentigerjentiger Posts: 276
    do you have any guests flying with other airlines?
  • Is it specifically wedding cake you are not allowed to bring, or any type of cake? Because really, how would they know? Not that I'm condoning breaking airline rules as we all know they are for our safety, I'm just perplexed as to why weddin cakes are not allowed! I know plants, meat etc are not allowed for obvious reasons, but cake?!
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