Help me plan my dream wedding

I have just had a beautiful and amazing engagement party, and me and my fiance are looking to get married in 2yrs time. We want to take our time planning the wedding exactly the way we want and want our family and friends to have enough time to sort current commitments out so that they can all attend as it's abroad we want to get married.

We are interested in Cyprus and if anyone can 'Guide' me in the right direction (i.e. venue, flowers, cake..etc) please do contact me!

Jane x


  • Hi There,

    I work for a wedding photographer in Cyprus in the agia napa area. So we know alot of the best places to get what you need around the area. if Protaras or Agia Napa are somewere you are interested.

    There are so many wedding photos that Costas has taken lately on the site so if you want to see them for some inspriation feel free

    If you need any help on anything just drop me a line

  • Hi thanks for that,

    im looking more Paphos area, if photography is done there then we maybe interested. The photos on the website look lovely.

  • Hi Scarlet48,

    Costas has done weddings in Paphos so it is possible, I think the best thing to do is contact him and see what you can arrange image

    his e-mail is [email protected]

    If you need to know anything I can try my best to let you know as much as I can

  • Thank you so much Amanda,

    I will be in touch soon, have so many things to do! ahhhh,

  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    Hi, we got married in Paphos and used Zucchini's. They were great and would def recommend them If you need any pics/anymore info etc send me a private message xx
  • Hi thanks for the posts, I will definetly have a look!

    Just to update you, if you are in the same position as me.

    I have been in contact with planet weddings, based in the UK to plan and organise my wedding in Cyprus. I let you know what happends (fingers crossed) I might have a wedding date image

    J x
  • nib77nib77 Posts: 68
    Hi Jane451. I have just returned from my perfect wedding in Cyprus. It exceeded all of our expectations. It completely depends on your taste and what you want for the day so my idea of perfection may not be yours (i.e. we were keen not to get married in a big hotel) but am happy to share my experience. I organised the wedding myself and the wedding party stayed in various places in Coral Bay which was lovely as we all ended up bumping in to each other naturally and didn't have to plan too much. There are some nice restaurants there and it's a fairly small resort especially compared to Paphos. We got married in the garden at Geroskipou which was really pretty. It was about 25 mins away from CB but the time flew on the day. We then got all got on the village bus (if you type in Jacks Transport Pahos in to google, this is who we used - they specialise in wedding transport)to our reception venue. The bus was brilliant fun - it's really retro and the guests laughed their heads off when they saw it. I would be careful about using the bus in the hotter months though as it's not got air conditioning. We went up to Vasilias Inn(again you can google this) which is about 15 mins away just outside of a quiet village on the way to the Troodos mountains. We really wanted some exclusivity and something that felt unique. It is so beautiful, really rustic and was just so perfect. All of our guests were blown away. We had our drinks reception in a private courtyard, got taken on to the vine covered terrace for our breakfast and then danced away next to the swimming pool in the evening. I took over most of the decorations (although Christina the Manager supplied hurricaine lamps) and she did an amazing job of setting the tables, decorating the terrace and basically managing the day. The food was gorgeous as was the wine. The pre-wedding co-ordination was done by a company in the UK. The Co-ordinator, Emmy, was brilliant and they can do lots of the organisation for you. If you are looking for a mamma-mia type do, look at Vasilias. If not, there are lots of restaurants aside from the hotels who will look after you (Zucchini was in a nice spot above Peyia, Zaffron, Doria Taverna, Vardas) but just be aware that some of the places are situated on, or just off the main road between Coral Bay and Paphos so ask before you book if this will bother you. Lots of brides have cited good experiences there though. Finally, I used a lady called Jaimi for my hair who has a salon in Peyia. Am happy for you to PM me if you want her details as she was good. Am sure your co-ordinator will have someone too though. Hope this helps.
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