Paphos Statutory Declaration Advice

Just thought I'd pass on a bit of advice regarding the required Statutory Declaration you are required to have when getting married in Paphos.

We had our declarations done 2 months before we were getting married by a lady who was a commisioner for oaths. This is perfectly legal and we thought there would be no problems. However when we took our documentation to Peyia Town Hall the registra wouldn't accept it because it didn't say Solicitor on the paperwork. We pointed out it was legal and the lady who did it was a lawyer but she said it needed to say solicitor.

We had to then go to Paphos Courthouse and do the Affidavits again (approximately ???????7 in total) which took only about 10 minutes but still a bit of a hassle!

Just thought I would pass this info on as it's extra stress you don't need.
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