Orlando wedding


I got married in september and i am just wondering if you have to do anything back in the uk to reg the married?


  • Hi All,

    Haven't been around for a little while, due to house moves and illness, so it's nice to be back!

    oooh and I want to get married in Orlando at end of December, beginning of Jan. We plan to take around 15 family and close friends, staying in villas. We don't want anything too fancy, I'm not the type to be wearing a white dress and wandering down the aisle! We were looking at having a very casual beach style wedding, in a relaxed atmosphere.

    So any help thoughts you may have would be great. Love to hear any suggestions. image
  • congrats on the move. We got married at Cypress Grove. It was by a lake, i couldnt believe how lovely it was. Everything want to plan and there was not a fault with the day or the place. There was 34 of us there which was good. Good luck with your planning x x
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