Getting married in Cyprus or Greece?

Hi, my name is Emma and I am hoping to get married in September 2012.

We want to get married abroad and I cannot decide between Cyprus or Greece and would love to hear from anyone that is planning a wedding at either. I love the sound of Protaras, Phaphos and Limassol but I have never visited any of these places. I have been to Rhodes in Greece and liked it there.

I really want a travel company to organise eveything (including the holiday) for an informal wedding at a beautiful hotel, can anyone recommend a specific company as I am not very good at organising things & wanted someone to do it all for me!

I really like the look of the Olympic wedding brouchure but I have not heard of this travel company before. When I visited First choice they didn't seem that informative about wedding packages and really wasn't that interested... I think it may have been a little early to go visiting travel agents as I was told you cannot book or get any prices for a 2012 holiday/wedding until next year.

Anyway If anyone can offer any advice that would be fantastic!

Many Thanks




  • Hiya, we're getting married in Limassol, Cyprus. I've never been there myself, but it certainly looks and sounds ideal for us as a family. I've definitely heard of Olympic, I'm sure a few people on the other wedding forum I'm a member of have used them for their hol/wedding. I'm with First Choice for my wedding & holiday, and after a slow start with communication and faffing about with dates etc, they're redeeming themselves as the planners they've allocated us in Cyprus have been really helpful and reassuring. I was definitely stressed out in the beginning with the UK wedding section, they were faffing about for ages and it took them 3 months from our booking to give us an actual date!

    If I were you, I'd steer clear of travel agents for arranging your wedding. Just book the holiday part of it with them, then look at Cyprus (or Greece) based planners for sorting out your wedding image
  • Hello Hun,

    I live and work in Cyprus so I may be a little bias but it is such a beautiful Island to marry in. The hotels are some of the best in europe and they are all very experienced in the wedding industry so it's safe to say the people who work in Cyprus know how to help you make your day run perfectly. I work for well know wedding photographer Costas Kyriakides and have doen for three years. Costas has some outstanding photos on his site of the venues and the areas in and around the Estern side of the island.

    Feel free to have a look at his work to see the look of what your wedding could be like.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask


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    We got married a few weeks ago at Vasilias Inn which is tucked outside a village about 20 mins from paphos. It is a beautiful mamma mia style reception venue. Very traditional and covered in flowers, trees and vines. It depends on whether you want something glamorous or not as I would say it is pretty, traditional and intimate but isn't glamorous. I organised it all myself but Ruth from Prestige has a really good reputation on this forum. Good luck!
  • I got married in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, at the side of the lake. There are lots of lovely hotel based weddings available in this area too. Or maybe look at Sensatori, near Hersonnissos in Crete - this is a beautiful hotel that also offer weddings.

    We chose the location as it offered lots of flexibility which was very important to us as we had lots of guests with different budgets who all wanted to be at the wedding.

    If you want any more info on Crete - just let me know, I'll be happy to help. xx
  • Hi,

    Thank you for all your responses and advice I really appreciate it, I am finding choosing a destination so difficult I think I defintely need to do more research!

    If I think of any more questions I will keep you posted!!



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    we got married in Cyprus 3 years ago and started off by deciding which hotel we wanted to get married in and went from there.

    Not sure about Greece, but certainly all the hotels in Cyprus are geared up for weddings, we booked ours through Libra Weddings the scary thing was thatat the time there was little to organise until you get over there which did worry me at the time but it all turned out fine.
  • Hi Emma,

    I live and work in Greece for a travel agency, they also organise weddings so could be ideal for your 'all inclusive' requirement.

    You weren't too early as I know that some venues, in Skiathos for example, are already getting booked up for 2012.

    Their web site is

    Hope this is of some help

    Oh and congratulations on your engagement image

  • Definitely Greece!

    Did you check Santorini?

    If not you have to!
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