Has anyone used Ionian Weddings?


Does anyone have any reviews for Ionian Weddings we are thinking of using them to book our wedding?


  • Ionian are very good. Where are you thinking of getting married? xx
  • Georgioupolis chapel, near Rethymnon, Crete. It is the one that sticks out into the sea. xx
  • Hiya!

    If you need help with the translation and legalisation of documents for your wedding, it is worth having a look at TLCUK (www.tlcuk.biz). It is a company specialised in this type of service and can do the paperwork for you.

    If you need any advice on marriage legal requirements, I'll be happy to help.

    All the best,

  • Rethymnon is beautiful. I'd highly recommend Ionion to arrange your wedding for you there. I live in Agios Nikolaos and do the ionion weddings in East Crete. if i can help you with anything (local knowledge) please email me and I'll find out for you. I've friends in West Crete that have a villa company and know that side of the island very well.

  • I have and they are AMAZING! they really can't do enough to help. They're so good that after a year of planning and only 6 months to go when I called my planner to change venue she didn't even batt an eyelid and she sorted it all out for me! They have a facebook page which might help you decide but really they're great.

    Good luck planning x
  • Hi!

    I search a lot for wedding planners and for agents. Why you are not contacting a planner who is located in Crete? I found some many planners for Santorini but a lot them where only collaborators of wedding planners in Santorini.

    Will they come to your wedding or they have a collaborator in Rethymnon?
  • Mrs Flood 2B,

    If you want me to help with your wedding - I can recommend lots of local suppliers for flowers, cakes, photographers, etc. and might be able to save you some money. In-box me if you want me to contact you.
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