When are you getting fittings/taking dress home??

My shop have told me because I'm not flying out until the end of June 2011 my dress wouldn't come in until April next year and do fittings then. I asked for it early as I haven't seen the dress in ivory (I tried it on in green!) and they told me if they request it earlier I'll need to take it out the shop and bring back for fittings?


  • that sounds a bit weird...

    personnally, they've advised I'll go for fittings in March and April, to pick up dress end May
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    I suppose it's my fault for buying a dress i haven't actually seen and I want it earlier to see it-obviously!It's supposed to be in the shop this month or next at the latest...nightmare
  • Their timescale sound about right but it is a bit odd that you have to take it from the shop if you want earlier-unless they simply don't have the space to keep it for you for so long!? In the meantime are you able to ring round stockists and see if they have it in ivory and go have a sneaky try on to put your mind at rest? X
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Good idea CeeCeeDor, I'll try that.

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