Noelle Adams destination wedding dress and 5 bridesmaid dresses for sale

Hi Ladies, I hope someone will be interested in buying these from me, I've won a competition for a Noelle Adams wedding dress and 5 gold greek wrap bridesmaid dresses, I've not told them the sizes yet so anyone who is interested let me know and we can sort something out.

This is the bridesmaid dress

And the wedding dress

Steph xx


  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Hi Steph

    Well done on winning!

    The link you have put for the wedding dress is the same as the bridesmaids.

  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    Silly me I've changed it now, Thanks for telling me

    Steph xx
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