Hi.. I just wondered when you ladies were planning on sending your invites? With going abroad most of us already know the numbers of our guests (or approx) so are you still sending invites and how far in advance? Also if you are having a reception in England how far in advance are you planning to send these invites. SOrry for the huge essay xxx


  • Hi, I sent my wedding invites out a year in advance and most people have now booked (only 6 months to go!)

    I'm planning on sending my england reception invites out about march - reception is in july and RSVP will be beginning of may. Hope this helps x
  • Thanks for your response x
  • Hi MrsZ2b2011,

    Sent our invites out in August 2010, we get married 3rd April 2011. Only waiting for 2 couples to respond, but then again we only sent out 30 invites. We're not having a reception in England but I think it's the norm to send them 3-4 months in advance.

    Good luck with it all image
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