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Would you change hotels???

Hello all,

This has not been my week!!!????

I am getting married in Mauritius this year and my hotel/staff have been involved in a serious incident, which has been on the National news. I am not sure what to do, my wedding company have said that so far only 1 person has moved hotels, if I move hotels I may have to pay an increase price due to booking in 2011.????

Can I hear from some other brides who are going married in Mauritius this year, what would you do if you were in my position? Is there anyone in my position?????Any advice would help!


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  • dais-ldais-l Posts: 114
    Hi i'm not getting married in mauritius just wanted to offer some support.

    If it's going to make you feel uneasy or worried AT ALL I would change, you want to be able to relax and have a great time and if you feel this is going to affect it i'd look into prices elsewhere.

    Other than that just sorry your in this situation, not nice image

  • Hi dais-I,

    Thank you for your reply,much appreciated. You are right, I think I'll give in a couple more weeks until I spoken to the hotel directly and see how I feel.

    It is a bride's worst nightmare.

    Thanks again

  • Chick, whilst what happened is absolutely awful, they've caught the people who did it. Mauritius has a really low crime rate and their punishment is severe - I read somewhere that these guys are likely to get 49 years each - that's a deterrant if ever I heard one.

    I got married in Mauritius in October - but not at Legends. There are a lot of girls on the forum who did get married at Legends, and I'm sure they'd tell you not to let this incident put you off. Security is likely to be heightened now too.

    How do your fiance and your family feel about it?

    I would be inclined to PM one of the girls who got married there last year (the list is on the first page of Mauritius Brides) to see how it's affected them?

    Good luck x
  • Hi.. know exactly how you feel.. we have just booked Mauritius paid our deposit for our honeymoon on the Friday and was very excited about going there...then on Monday the awful news came out!! Was in two minds whether to go or not and as yourself we stand to lose around £500 (which we can't afford).. so we are going. Alot of my friends are saying it was a awful freak accident in a place were nothing like this has happen and will now probably be one of the most secure places to go. We have decided to stil go we are going in June!.. hope this helps you make your decision... let me know what you decide xx
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