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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a Celebrant for my wedding in July this year near Toulouse and everyone I'm finding is over 500 Euros! I'm astonished at this price, especially as I've told them it will just be 15mins and not even legal - I don't want any paperwork afterward as that will be done in Vegas on the honeymoon!! image

Any suggestions?


  • did you not check with your venue? can they not ask the local priest?
  • getting married in my father in law's place and so no one to ask!

    Celebrants in france are 500 E but I've been searching high and low for cheaper and I cant' find anyone. Think I'm going to have to pay it!
  • I've been trying to organise a wedding my self near toulouse, I'd love to hear how your wedding went. I'm currently looking for caterers for the day. Would you be able to recommend anyone?


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     There are not that many English speaking celebrants in France so they cover large area's. The high cost is usually due to the price of fuel and motorway tolls, Especially if the celebrant has to travel some distance to get to your venue. Also they don't just turn up on the day. There is a lot of work beforehand making sure the ceremony script is right for the couple. Most couples consider their ceremony in France their REAL wedding and want it to be very special.


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    Have a look at www.weddingswordsandwishes.com if you want a celebrant in SW France Toulouse area.

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    Why don't you ask a friend to be the celebrant? If it's not legal, then it sounds like a good idea to ask a friend or family member, then can probably make the ceremony very personal to you too.

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    Hi Ladies

    This group might help, they have lots of celebrants who are listed in the directory


    Also if you need wedding cakes here is my pintrest page. I am north of Toulouse in the Limousin


    Good luck


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