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Hi all,

Thought there maybe a thread on here for people getting married in Zante. Thinking of getting married at the vardiola net Aug but would like to hear from people who have already or are planning to get married here. Thanks


  • Hi Claire!

    Our wedding is booked for June we are getting married on the Cameo island
  • sda321sda321 Posts: 2

    There we booked last year to get married next year in The Balcony Zante, we cant wait we have a weddign planner who organises everything for us and they are great we really cant wait. If you want the details give me a shout I cant recommend them enough very very accomadating we have had to change the date twice and its never been a problem. Message me direct at [email protected]
  • Hi all, Ive just booked 11th June 2012 to get married on Cameo Island!! I'm very excited, booked thru a wedding planner and up to know she has been very helpful!!!

    I cant wait, very excited already!!
  • Yey Zante brides!!

    We are getting married on Cameo Island on May 6th! 3 months to go! Eeeeek!! Can't wait!

    We have gone through Frances @ Zante Weddings and she's been fab! Weve met her twice at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham and she's been so helpful!

    Glad to find some other Zante brides!! image

  • Hi all,

    Nice to hear from so many Zante brides. Am seeing a wedding planner on the 19th Feb. The bridal consultant, has anyone used or heard of them? Think we should keep this thresd going, would like to hear updates on everyones plans. So far have only decided on venue and am looking at accomadation at the moment. Can anyone recommend anywhere in tsilivi? Good luck with the wedding planning all
  • Hi Claire

    We got married in Zante in June 2010 and looked at the Vardiola although we didnt choose there as it was too far from where where we wanted to stay in Kalamaki close to friends and family. Its ideal if you are thinking of staying closer to Kypseli in Tsilivi, Alykes or even Argassi but was going to be too far for us.

    We did have a look at the Vardiola when we did a bit of a research trip the year before our wedding and hired a car and drove round a lot of the venues the wedding planners suggest to get a better idea of where would be right for our wedding. If you can afford to do this, its a great excuse for a holiday and we were able to meet our wedding planner who suggested some places we hadnt seen online for us to look at as extras and it really helped us to make up our mind. We ended up choosing somewhere which looked nothing in photos online but was actually a beautiful setting without too much travelling or any awkward access problems (our original choice was Cameo Island but the steps wouldve been a nightmare for elderly relatives with mobility problems!).

    Like I said, we looked at the Vardiola and it really is beautiful, lovely gardens right on the edge of the sea which they decorate really beautifully for weddings. It is very peaceful and you should be guaranteed privacy as there is not a lot nearby other than the family who run the restaurants house! The restaurant itself is set up above the grassed area and is accessed by some steep stairs, toilets and bar are also up here! We looked at the menus and they seemed to have plenty of choice food wise and were agreeable to doing more or less what we wanted for a price of course! The only thing I will say is we found their prices per head expensive compared to arranging our own reception at a restaurant of our choice but I expect you can negotiate depending on numbers and date as, like I say, its remote and they probably dont get much passing trade of an evening!

    Hope this helps you out!
  • Im also looking at getting married in Zante, can anyone recommend any hotels where you can actually get married and hold your reception? x
  • Hi all,

    Me too! Not booked yet but loving Cameo Island!
  • Princess_mummy we have beeoked thru Frances!!! She seems lovely, hoping to get to meet her at wedding show this year!

    Where are you having your reception? I am thinking ov a restaurant in Tsilivi, it looks adorable and all the reviews i have read have been fab!!!
  • zantebride - we are having our reception at the Med Bliss Restaraunt as it's not far from Cameo for our guests to have to travel and also not far back to the hotel that we have group booked for all of our guests! image It also has an adjoining cafe-type place that offers entertainment and they both have the same owners so we can mingle between the 2 as they are next door to each other! image

    Deffinately try and meet Frances, I've met her twice at wedding shows and it really helps to know that she's a really nice person, really helpful! image

  • Is anybody actually having a BBQ and staying on Cameo island? It's so beautiful that I'm not sure about going onto a restaurant?

  • booked the wedding today so am very happy!! I have gone through the bridal consultant, met Lisa today and she put our minds at rest about everything. Really happy with the price and they even have a travel agency that can help you with all your accomadation. Wedding booked for the 12th Aug 2012 which will give us plenty of time to save. Thanks for the info on the Vardiola makes me glad i have chosen it.

    Rachy124 have a look on the bridal site, its brill. There is the balcony hotel and the Alexandra that do weddings in Tsilivi but if you go on the site you can look through all the packages xx
  • Yey Claire! Congrats! Time will fly so enjoy the planning! I can't believe we have 10 weeks left til we fly!

    Thenextmrsc - we looked at the BBQ but it was a minimum of 30 guests and we only have 18/19, plus Frances warned us that beginning of May could be quite chilly in the evening - possibly raining! So we opted for indoors lol.

  • Hi we are looking at Zante for next year have been talking to Alexandra at dream weddings (Zanteconnect) we like the beach setting/resterant has anyone used her services???
  • Hi all can you tell us what wedding planners you are using I've posted a new thread for greek weddings, as I didnt see this before, if you are married how it all went, am looking at using either Francis from zante or Alexandra from dream weddings, we want a beach wedding and bbq next sept (2012)
  • Hi,

    I have booked through the bridal and have found lisa to be very helpful, not getting married until aug next year at the variola in zante. Just lookingat wedding invites etc now also have a map of all hotels in zante to give guests nearer the time and trip advisor is brillian to look at. If you look at the bridal consultant website it give you an idea of different packages. Hope this helps
  • hi

    thanks for that, we have booked with Frances, think they are affiliated to bridal consultant as Lisa is dealing wih our paperwork, we get married 2nd sept next year at the Alexandra Beach and having beach bbq cant wait!!!
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    We have just got back from our wedding in Zante. We had Zante Dream Weddings as our planners and a very lovely lady called Frangiska organised everything for us. It was just me and my partner and we got married on Turtle Island (Marathonisi Island) it was the perfect place. We have the entire beach to ourselves. We were looking at having it at Cameo Island, but im glad we didnt, i think that venue suits a large wedding with guests present. Beautiful venue though, we are trying to talk my mother-in-law into getting married there next year and taking the family out with them.
  • Hello Greek brides to be..................
  • Hi Clare, Im getting married at the Vardiola in Zante on 11 June 2012. All the reviews have been really positive so fingers crossed!! Im getting excited now only 4 months to go!!
  • Hi cathy

    im a guest at claires wedding. do let us know how you go on and come back with pictures.

  • We're getting married in Zante & booked through Frances at Zante Weddings/Tsilivi Travel. We chose the Balcony but we went to see the Vardiola before we made our final decision & it is very pretty...more of a traditional taverna than the Balcony & right on the sea front, it depends what you're looking for. I saw pictures of weddings there & I must say they are beautiful. However, we chose the Balcony as we both fell in love with it as soon as we went.
  • Im looking at getting married on Cameo Island in 2014, and does the wedding planner organise absolutely everything? Or what do I have to organise? Anyone who got married on Cameo Island I would be greatful for the advice as I am very new to all this and just want a perfect day!

    Thanks image
  • Hi I'm getting married on cameo island in June 2014 can anyone help with reception venues? We would like to stay in tsilivi and either have the reception at the hotel were staying at or at a restaurant? any ideas on hotels to stay in would also be handy xxx
  • Hi rachelsims43 my partner and I are hoping to get married at Alexandra beach next year with the BBQ after, would you recommend it? How did your day go?

  • Hi all, we are getting married next year on May 9th at the balcony in tsilivi.  I'm torn between a BBQ meal or an indoor meal. I'm a bit worried if it is chillier in the evenings that a BBQ wouldn't be the best option.  Has anyone got any advice ? Thanks 

  • hi there 

    we are looking to get married at the vardolia Taverna in sept 2020. We were going through thomas cook who have now informed us they no longer deal with that venue 

    can anyone recommend a company who can help us with a wedding package 

    thank you 😋

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