what flowers are in season in june in italy

can any one tell me what flowers are in season in june in italy as i have been told that if you chose flowers that are in season they are abit cheaper


  • I'm not sure, but we're going for roses as they are supposed to be good at withstanding the heat x
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    Sunflowers for Tuscany x
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    Also forgot to mention, you should visit the local market as there are hoards of gorgeous flowers for sale and all at a bargain price - ask the planner or your venue when your local one is xx
  • thanks for that i will do that this might be a silly question but would i have to arrange them my self then or could i still get a florest to do it or even the wedding planner just not sure if i would be any good at anythign liek that

    also are pink roses & Cream in season at all then
  • I have been told that we will be able to have roses, so i assume the answer will be yes. We will be having red and cream. So i hope we haven't been misinformed lol x
  • We had red and cream roses at our wedding last June and they looked stunning.
  • Hi, I'm getting married in Italy in June too! The florist that I chose, with the assistance of my wedding planner, said that in June there is a great variety of flowers! Roses, garden roses, lisyanthus, sweet peas, hydrangeas, peonies...just be aware that some flowers fade sooner than others in the sun, but your florist will advice you best, as mine did!

  • I think roses are pretty much always available.
  • Hi which florists did you or are you using?

  • Hi, i am also getting married in Italy in june. My wedding planner has had a florist send me pics of the flowers that are in season in june, the colours that i asked for were white, pink, green and lavender, if these are any good for you send me a message and i will forward you the file. xx
  • I'm getting married in Italy in June too - 1st!

    I haven't been in touch with a Florist yet, but am hoping for Purple and Fuschia pink flowers image

    How much are people paying for flowers? I've heard they are expensive in Italy.

    Happy planning x
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    Hello Poppypower, 

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