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Calling mauritius Brides

Hello Ladies

I am getting married in mexico in May this year and am trying to help my friend who would like to get married in Mauritius Nov 2012, but she does not know where to start? Im hoping you would eb able to give me some info to point her in the right direction to see if Mauritius is teh place for her.

Can you tell me please the best tour operator to book through a rough cost for two adults for two weeks and a wedding package (what would it include) and maybe recommend some hotels, and also the legal requirements.

It would be very much appreciated


Nat image xx


  • jentigerjentiger Posts: 276
    Hi Nat, I am getting married 6 weeks today! There are lots of hotels in Mauritius specialising in weddings.

    I have booked a Beachcomber hotel called Le Mauricia, there are around 6 Beachcomber hotels all with different facilities on different parts of the island. So depending what she wants and her budget there is an excellent choice.

    My hotel is a 4 star near the Grand Baie (lively area) we are going for 2 weeks all inclusive inc the basic wedding package for £4200

    The basic package includes fee's, legal stuff, a bouquet and a button hole for the groom plus a few other small bits. You can upgrade to the luxury package for another £500 ish which includes some photo's etc and some other bits.

    I dont think the legal side is complicated our tour operator sorted it all for us, was just a few easy forms to fill out.

    Try Chaka Travel, Brides and Beaches, Travel Designers and beachcomber direct.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks so much, this will help alot the only tour operator i could find in the west midlands was thomas cook and the were very expensive nearly £7k, did you book everything on line then?

    I will pass these details onto my friend.


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  • jentigerjentiger Posts: 276
    I would use an online company, they are safe and know what they are doing.

    I sourced the companies online but spoke with them over the telephone and paid using a cheque.

    Most of them are actual travel agents but an independent agency. You may find a local agent but dont look for the high street big bands look for the smaller ones.
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