HELP...Marriage in Cyprus 2013...need some advice please

Hi all,

Im new to this and wondered if anyone could offer any advice please.

We would like to get married in Cyprus 2013, prefably in Paphos, because we went there on holiday last year and it was beautiful. We stayed at the Louis Phaethon Beach Club Hotel and we really enjoyed our stay there. We wanted to have our ceremony by the beach there, but the only problem we have is that our guests wont have any shelter from the sun....there are only trees and we feel that they wont provide enough shade for our guests...Please can anyone reccommend a hotel by the beach that is good for wedding ceremonies and of course, receptions.

We have looked at the Elias Hotel in Limassol which seems popular for weddings and also Coral Beach Hotel...

Any advice would be appreciated..



  • Capo Bay Hotel in Protaris is good, getting married there in April 2011. Katerina at the hotel is brilliant. Hope this helps x
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    Thanks for replying, it looks great there and from what I can see, the ceremony is undercover. I will look into this. Did you book with a travel agent or do it yourselves? x
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    Hello, I am getting married in May next year in Cyprus. I know a lot of the hotels and can probably help you quite a bit. Feel free to email me [email protected] with any questions and I will help.

    I am a Paphos bride also! xx
  • Getting married in Cyprus in April. We had though about getting married on the beach but decided against it when we found out that you can't stop people from sunbathing next to you while you get married! Getting married at the hotel ground instead but will have photos taken on the beach.
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    Hiya, where abouts are you getting married?
  • I am getting married in Cyprus too. My fiance's 1/4 Cypriot and we go there for holiday/visitng his family quite often so we think it's nice to get married there. We went venue scouting three weeks ago (viewed 12-15 hotels) and now finally have chosen the venue.

    My original plan was to get married in Limassol. It's a bigger town/city so the guests won't be bored except staying in the hotel or waiting for the wedding. However Amathus in Limassol doesn't have any date suitable for us so I had to change my plan at the end.

    Amathus Limassol is very beautiful although it's a modern hotel. The ceremony will be held on the pier (in front of the hotel garden), then cocktail reception in the garden/lawn area. After cocktail, you can have dinner either in the same area (outdoor - sunset and candles, very beautiful) or move to their indoor restaurant. They also have a indoor disco room. Another good point is that they only charge venue fee once (even disco room) and the flowers, chair covers with ribbons plus a marquee for the ceremony are all included so it's very good value for money. It's a five star hotel so the food is good for sure.

    The hotels (in Paphos) I like are Annabelle, Almyra, Azia and Coral Bay hotel. We have stayed in Annabelle before so I know the food is great and the hotel is very nice. But we chose Almyra at the end cuz it's very simple, elegant and chic. It reminds us of Greek village. Azia and Coral Bay are nice too - Azia is very airy, and the pool&garden, sea front areas are really beautiful. Especially it has a small Mykonos style church (blue door with white wall & round roof) in their garden, and around it are Greek white+blue style houses - really picturesque. Also it's very private as it's separated from the main building. And I believe you can negotiate the price with them. Coral Bay is great too but it's too big - sometimes they have two weddings a day. Although it's so big you won't be able to see the other bride, I still don't like the idea.

    Elysium is nice too but it's an Italian style hotel. I didn't choose it because I'd have gone to Italy if I wanted an Italian style wedding.

    Another good hotel with a view to die for is Grecian "PARK" Hotel in Cavo Greco. It's on the cliff but you can take the small path to walk down to the beautiful white sand beach within 5-10 mins. The town is very small so if your guests like to go around the town centre, it might be not the best choice. (But it's 20-30 mins from Ayia Napa by taxi if your guests don't mind)

    Hope this helps!
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    Most of the hotels put one or two gazebos up for you all so there is some shelter.

    There is a website (cant rememeber the name of it at mo)that shows you the wedding areas in the hotels, if i think of it i will come back and update
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    Thanks alicearies, that helps alot. We were also looking at limassol but have decided to stick with paphos as we love it there. There's so many nice hotels to choose from and to be honest, we've been getting a bit stressed out trying to find a suitable, good value for money hotel. we want a wedding by the sea front/beach with shelter prefably for the guests, followed by a nice reception with great food, just like all brides ??????

    We are currently looking at Kefalos...I had my heart set at one point on Coral Beach, but like you, think its a little too big-esp coz of the fact that we arent having many guests so I think a smaller venue would be better for us. Shame though coz it looks beautiful.

    Cool new-mrsb, when you can think of the website I'll be very keen to look at it x
  • We booked with a travel agent last year. Our flights were also booked separately with Cyprus airlines, which they cancelled two weeks ago. Apparently the airlines are not filling the planes so cutting back on the flights to Cyprus, Please make sure you don't fall into the same problem. Also take out wedding insurance. You can message me if it's any help to youimage
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    i think it may have been cyprus dream weddings - have a look, i'll keep thinking!!!
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    Yeah will take out wedding insurance. Who are you flying with now?

    We looked at cyprus dream weddings, we were going to use them image
  • Hi misshelen,

    What time of the day are you thinking to have your ceremony? From all the hotels I visited, they suggested that wedding ceremony would be better around 5:00PM (when it's not too hot - I assume you don't want the sweat to ruin your makeup), then 5:30PM-6:30PM will be cocktail reception (enjoy the sunset), then following the dinner. For instant, My wedding is going to be in mid-October, so 4:30/5PM is about right time for the ceremony. The temperature is usually around 27C in mid-Oct afternoon - It will be very very warm, and I don't need any shelter for my guests at all. If you do it earlier, the sun would be too strong so you'll get a lot of shadow on your face (wedding photos).

    The website (link below) might be useful for you. You can check the history/record of the temperature in Paphos (or any cities in the world), and you can even see the temperature record of a day! Hope it would help you to decide the date and what time you are going to have the ceremony. (so you don't need a shelter for your guests)
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    Yeah, we were wondering if we should wait until around 4-5pm for the ceremony but then we were worried about not having enough light for the photos?? I know it wont be dark at 5pm lol but just wanted enough sunshine to make sure our photos come out...I remember the heat when we went last july so we were thinking of a late pm ceremony anyway. Do you think it will still be too hot at 3pm? And you wont reckon that we'll need shade around 4-5pm ish? That was a major thing about having shelter for the guests but maybe we wont need to, yay!

    I'll check out your links, many thanks imageimage
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    Hi Helen,

    Me again, My photographer told me that sunset in May is about 7ish, so in July it will be around then, maybe half 7, It will still be mega hot in July at 3pm.

    We are getting married at 4pm, but we will be in church, so guests will be outside from 4.30pm. July can be schorchio even at night, so bear in mind your guests may want shade xx
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    Hiya, yeah this is true, we were still sweating at early evening lol. I think we may ask for a 5pm ceremony, but I've heard that it will only last for 10 minutes so Im wondering if the guests will be OK without shelter, if we decide on a place with no gazebo... image x
  • I was worried that i wouldn't have enough day light for photos before I chose the date and booked the hotel. But I have checked a website about sunset in Paphos (see the link below) and it seems fine to have ceremony in 5PM, especially you are going to have your wedding in the summer! Even in October, the sunset is about 6:30pm and it will become dark after 1/1.5 hour. If you get married in very early June, the weather is usually good (not too hot). However I think 3pm might be still too hot for English standard. Check the website I posted, you'll see the temperature (in every hour) of last 8-10 years.
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    I checked out your link, very useful, thanks image We have decided to get wed about 430-5pm, that will prob be the best time. Reminding myself how hot it was when we went last year...ppphheewww! My make up will prob melt even at 5pm image
  • hello, we are also looking at getting married in cyprus in 2013... when we spooke to travel agents they said the best time to get married is either very early or after 4ish and said its better fot the heat and for the photos. we are thinking of getting married in louis ledra beach hotel but as we can not fly out there before due to funds not sure how nice it is but looks nice in photos image
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    Hiya, yeah we are going for a 430-5pm wedding hopefully..but are still undecided as to which venue we want.. We also probably cant get over to cyprus before 2013 to look into things a bit more image

    what made you choost the louis ledra? our choice is between kefalos village and the louis phaethon so far image
  • we liked the louis hotels because they have there own wedding website with all the photos and i couldnt find actual wedding photos with many hotels and they just showed the hotel pictures but the wedding area and themes were important to us etc and i just feel in love with louis ledra.... all inclusive was a must and the reviews were good image why do u lke the 2 you have mentioned ??
  • Hi MissHelen2011,

    I'm getting married at the louis Phaethon in June this year image So far the hotel have been brilliant! They are closed at the moment for a refurb but Jason the operations manager replys instantly to any emails!

    We are getting married at 4pm but you don't get to choose a time as Paphos town hall tell you when they are available and it is not 100% guarenteed until a few days before, but you can request a time! Hopefully ours will stay at 4pm so it will be cooler for the boys in their shirts and waistcoats!! I have also been told that the ceremony doesn't last long at all but I am having personalised fans as favours given out by the ushers before the ceremony, just in case everyone gets a too hot!

    It took me and my fiance AGES to choose the right hotel and this one just seemed to tick all the boxes.

    If you have 20 or more rooms booked by your wedding party for the same amount of time and board you will get yours for free and only have to pay for your flights, which isn't much!

    Hope this helps! If you have any more questions just ask image
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    Hi MrsSzpur2B, we chose possibly Kefalos because originally we wanted shade for our guests while we have the ceremony as we didnt want them to burn to death in the heat image Also we arent having many guests, so the gazebo and the location seemed perfect for our wedding. Its very pretty and Elena has been a great help. The only thing is that its not all inclusive, so that was a bit of a bummer.

    We stayed at the Phaethon last year and we know the food was brilliant. Also Jason has been very helpful and we know our way round the hotel, so I thought it would be less of a stress trying to find my way around, coz I'll be stressed and panicked enough come the wedding


    Beth182-brilliant, someone getting married at the Phaethon!!!! You must let me know exactly how it email is [email protected] if you can give me any info about the reception and general bits and bobs...Jason has been brill so far in providing info...where did you get your fans from?

  • No problem I will let you know, ill send you some pics of the hotel after the refurb aswel!

    Fans are from Fan Fair UK, every 4 you buy you get 1 free.

    I haven't been to the hotel yet so am really anxious about what the hotel is actually like. Did you like it there?
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    Hiya, thanks for the link for the fans, very good idea, we will be ordering some image

    What made you choose the Phaethon in particular? Are you having your ceremony on the grass bit? thats what we plan to do.

    The hotel is great..excellent food (are you going all inclusive?) rooms are great, we slept very well every night. Pool is nice although rather slippery around the pool, but hopefully they would have sorted that in the re-furb...staff were all friendly, a very relaxed atmosphere and all in all a great hotel. I wrote a review on tripadvisor saying how we really loved our holiday and we would def go back again if we had the wont be dissappointed!

    We're looking into a 430-5pm wedding too so that people dont get too hot-my boys will also be in their shirts! image

    where are you having your reception?

  • Yeah I love the idea of the fans! May just give them to the ladies though and give cigars or something to the men.

    We picked the Phaethon because it was the only one that was all inclusive, had things to do for kids and really the only hotel with a nice garden to hold the ceremony (the grass bit) all the others seemed a bit plain, not as pretty and I wanted somewhere really nice for the pics!! haha!

    We are having the reception at the Phaethon as well in the Helios pool area...hopefully this will be ok! The pictures look really nice on the website. We are having a 5 course meal for the adults and then the kids meals are free as they are just having pizza or something from the kids menu.

    Did you see any weddings while you were out there?
  • I'm also planning wedding in 2013 in May. We are going for around 4pm as well, just waiting confirmation of the time now. But we have chosen St Elias Gardens in Protoras, have no idea where we will stay though. It's all exciting, now it don't seem too far away.
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    We were thinking of having our reception at the Helios bit too. Jason said that it would cost ???????350 to decorate the table at helios if we wanted it there or ???????350 to decorate the table in the normal restaurant if we decided to eat the all inclusive food that we would already have paid for with our hol...

    I agree, pics look lovely. Kids eat for free do they? I'll have to look into that!! image
  • Its very exciting!!

    If you book through first choice their package includes the decoration of your chosen areas, basic bouquet for you(which I have upgraded for 30 euros extra for pink roses)a botton hole for the groom (which i have upgraded for 1.75 to a single pink rose) sparkling wine to toast, breakfast in bed for B&G next morning....etc etc! They may have changed it now though as that was 2010 package, when we booked it.

    We are paying 30 euros per person for the 5 course meal and then free for the kids as their meal will just be whatever's on the kids menu in the all inc buffet that day.

    Did you see any weddings when you were out there?
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    Hi thebluegreenhouse, sorry, i didnt see your message. what made you choose st elias gardens? will you not stay there too? will you get confirmation of the time? We were told that we wouldnt get the date or time confirmed until last minute sort of thing image

    Hi Beth182, sounds like first choice are good. we havent looked through the packages properly yet but if the decoration is included, then thats perfect. Jason sent me the menu, looks lovely.

    We havent seen any weddings out there but im sure they are amazing image
  • We married at the Kefalos last Summer, under a gazebo right by the beach. The setting is gorgeous and while it's true you can't stop people sunbathing nearby, we found they were respectful and did not intrude in any way. In fact, you are so wrapped up in the moment, you don't even notice them.

    We then moved to the Coral Beach for our reception (24 guests on the Armonia Terrace) after sunset photos at Lighthouse Bay (next to Kefalos). We were concerned the dual venue might be a hassle, but Elena (Kefalos) and Kerry (Coral Bay) were very helpful. However, our best decision was to employ Mandy at to co-ordinate our wedding. Transport, flowers, photography, liaising with the two hotels, paperwork, hair and makeup, professional support and genuinely caring help (looking after a sick relative, a lift to the supermarket etc), every little detail of our wedding ran perfectly and best of all, we were completely stress-free to enjoy our holiday too. We really can't speak highly enough of her, she made our wedding. Have fun planning and hope this helps.
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