How have you chosen your wedding dress?

For those getting married in hot countries, how have you decided on what dress to get? I'm getting married in Thailand where it's going to be absolutely boiling but I'm worried that whatever dress I get I'm going to be uncomfortable and sweaty (gross I know!)


  • nessynoouknessynoouk Posts: 352
    Ah, I got engaged in thailand! Good choice!

    We are getting married in Antigua and I wanted a floaty beach dress to keep cool (and casual) but that didnt happen. I'll let you know in one month, one week and 3 days whether I sweat like a P.I.G. but hopefully not. Air conditioning wasn't invented for nothing!!
  • puffafishpuffafish Posts: 16
    how exciting, not long to go then! is the wedding and reception going to be indoors then? Our wedding and reception is going to be outside so sadly no air con. The more I think about it the more I think I haven't really thought this through properly grr!
  • I am planning on getting married next year in Greece and I have booked an appointment to get fitted for a Candy Anthony dress.

    I love the 50's style and because it's short i'm hoping it'll keep me cool in the hot weather.
  • puffafishpuffafish Posts: 16
    how exciting, not long to go then! Are you having your wedding and reception indoors? We're having both the wedding and reception outdoors so no air con unfortunately. The more I think about it the more I think I really haven't thought this through properly grr!
  • puffafishpuffafish Posts: 16
    I'm thinking a short style dress will work best (and that way I can get some fabulous shoes to show off which I'm far more excited about than the dress to be honest!). How heavy is your dress?
  • nessynoouknessynoouk Posts: 352
    No we are having te ceremony on the beach and then a poolside (or beach, not decided yet) BBQ. Our wedding is at 4pm though so it should be cooler.

    How long until your wedding? If you have time don't rush into a dress,take your time and really think about what you choose
  • Elope2011Elope2011 Posts: 385
    I'm having a big dress and will no doubt sweat my t!ts off! lol! It shouldn't be too hot when we get married in 35 days, but I don't think I'll be cool. I decided to go with the dress I wanted rather than a dress I thought was sensible. It's the only time I get to wear the dress of my dreams.
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    I'm dreading the sweaty bride situation too! Not a good look! ha ha.

    We're getting married in Seville in September when its around 30 degrees so Ive gone for a chiffon floaty grecian style dress in the hope that I don't explode in the heat!

    This is my dress girls

  • Hello all image

    I had no clue when dress shopping, I knew I would have a dress that I wanted rather than a practical one - it just helps that I fell in love with a leightweight dress!

    Have added a picture for a bit of wedding [email protected] on this dull Thursday afternoon image

  • MissTuscanyMissTuscany Posts: 352
    I'm getting married in Italy in the summer, so will be really hot too. I have my dress (Maggie Sottero Anniston) and it is pretty heavy and i need to wear a hoop lol. But i just keep thinking it is only for a few hours, so why worry. Just drink lots of water image x
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    Mine is kind of similar to yours, sarahs1982, chiffon, floaty and Grecian feeling. I didn't choose that style for the weather or anything, I just didn't feel at all comfortable with the idea of wearing a big dress, even if I was getting married in the UK.
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Me too Vod-uk. I always thought I'd go for a mermaid style fitted dress but I just loved the grecian style dresses when I tried them on - and it just so happens they're perfect for a wedding abroad! x.
  • I have been totally stupid and have gone with a big heavy dress and 5 inch heals!!! I don't mind though I feel like a princess!!

  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Anna your dress is fab! Despite me going for a floaty grecian style dress there was no way I was compromising on the heels so have gone for killer heels too! No pain no gain! x.
  • Sarahs1982, i love your dress. this is the style im looking for. Where did you get it from?
  • MrsG-2-BMrsG-2-B Posts: 9
    We're getting married in Santorini in July, and my initial idea was just to get a simple high-street beach dress. That was until I started looking at pictures of other weddings at my venue online; the ones with non-wedding-dress-dresses (if you see what I mean!) looked pretty naff compared to the full-on bridal get-ups, not to mention all the pairs of creased-up linen/scruffy open-neck shirt atrocities that some of the grooms were wearing. I was completely shocked as this was exactly what we had planned when booking our wedding (and one of the reasons we were heading abroad was to avoid mega-expensive traditions!), but we've now spent in the region of two and a half grand between us on our mega-traditional, material-dense outfits. Oops! I suppose it's only for a few hours but we'll be looking at the pics (probably of our sweaty shiny faces!) for a lifetime.
  • Elope2011Elope2011 Posts: 385
    Just wanted to say, I got married in Cyprus 2 weeks ago and I wore a proper dress and I didn't get sweaty at all. I had a hoop underneath my dress and I think that helped let the air flow under there lol!
  • SeaflowerSeaflower Posts: 15
    I am getting married in Mauritius and have chosen fishtail design (i did initially want a grecian floaty design but fell in love with my dress!),I get married around 4pm so hopefully will be a comfortable temp. I have a feeling I will be flustered so will prob have a cold shower and put dress on at the last possible min. Its the end of the winter for Mauritius so the evenings get a bit cooler (hopefully!) image
  • poppypowerpoppypower Posts: 171
    I have gone with the dress i liked rather than one i thought would keep me cooler, I get married in June next year in Italy so will be there summer so its going to be hot but you only do it once.

    I choose Maggie Sottero Allahna i cant wait to wear it am counting the days down already image
  • rita87176rita87176 Posts: 32
    I've not picked my final dress yet but I promised myself I'd go for my favourite regardless of it's weight!! It's the only day I'll get to wear one so I want it to be one I love and not compromise on anything else! I'm getting married in Italy next August and we're getting married at 4pm so hopefully it will be a little cooler :S x
  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    I have gone for a big(ish) A-line dress, i havent considered the weather at all, i wanted something that made me feel special rather than a dress that just wasn't me such as a grecian, floaty type.

    I know im going to sweat to death but as were getting married at 4pm, it should (fingers crossed) be cooler! x
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    I have had terrible problems with a wedding dress, and effectively I still don't have one, and I get married 9 weeks on Thursday!

    It's partly my fault and due to stress. Last year I bought a floaty Monsoon dress, it was lovely. The plan was to lose lots of weight, coz I am a big girl. Trouble is my masters got in the way and I stressed out so much I couldn't focus on any weight loss. At the beginning of this year, I was hoping to lose the weight to get into my Monsoon dress, but I started stressing out with losing weight, I went to two weight loss clubs, I couldn't do it. Now I am a week away from leaving my job through redundancy, am off sick with the stress of finding a job so there was no way I could get into my Monsoon dress, so it went on E-bay. I sold it, and ordered a dress online. When I received the new dress, it was awful. The dress was not as advertised and the embroidery at the front was not the same length. I have ordered another dress on E-bay, with a company with fantastic reviews and it is being made at the moment. I won't get it until the end of June.

    This is the problem, when you are big like me. I found most bridal shops turn their nose up at me, especially as I am bigger than the size 14 dresses they have in stock, the biggest they have. I have had an awful time in regard to dresses and it doesn't do much for the confidence either.

    If this new dress from this E-bay company isn't suitable I am going to be well and truly stuck!

    I am just accepting the fact I couldn't get into a size 18 dress, but at the end of the day, my fiance couldn't care less about my size, but I think I am going to be hot in Santorini in August whatever I wear!

    Sorry about the rant. It is supposed to help my stress levels! Lol

  • Beccie1011Beccie1011 Posts: 802
    Hi girls

    I noticed most of you have said you have gone for biggish dresses, which i am thinking of too as like you all its only 1 day im going to wear a dress this stunning! I just wanted to know though how are you carrying your dresses on the plane with you? xxx
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