Mexico Wedding - El Dorado Royale

Hi everyone

I just wanted to see if anyone who uses or used this site ever got married at the El Dorado Royale Hotel Rivieria Maya??

I am such a control freak that after I have booked this I am now worrying about things I cannot control, such as what does it look like? How do I know it will be wonderful ect.. ?? Has anyone else freaked out that they just do not know for sure what it will be like or am I completely bonkers!!!!

Thanks guys!!!!! image


  • Hi Millie&George,

    We are having our honeymoon there! We get married at their sister hotel El Dorado Seaside suites, it looks amazing! They seem to be really good there, if you go onto you will find some really nice pics that people have taken. I keep looking at both hotels on there coz i can't wait. We don't get married until March next year.

    Hope everything goes well for you.

    S x
  • jimmyvwjimmyvw Posts: 144
    Hi Millie&George

    We booked last week for Eldorado Royale. We go next August and can't wait it looks fab! Still deciding whether to book wedding directly with hotel or with first choice. First choice are more expensive.

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