Music at townhall Cyprus?

hi all I'm getting married at paralimni townhall in Cyprus and was wondering if I need music there's a couple of songs I really want but not sure how a wedding at a townhall works any ideas? image


  • lovekittlovekitt Posts: 29
    Its usually very "basic" they will take you to a room and its pretty much like a registry office wedding in the UK - an officiant will legally marry you and thats pretty much it. My brother got maried in the town hall and they often have other weddings at the same time - he did arrange for flowers to be set on teh table as teh room can look very bare. They wont have provision for music - however it cnat hurt to call them up and ask if you can bring along an ipod and some speakers? I dont know if they will aloow it - I guess if its not usual office working hours and it cant bother their staff I dont see hwy not. Its quite a quick process so Id suggest waiting for your reception to have music.
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