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Hi all,

Hope someone can help me - we are looking for the perfect beach venue for 20-30 people but want to stay in Europe. Originally looking at Rhodes but the beaches are too shingle-y. Fallen in love with Zante (Cameo Island) altho there is no sand but still not sure if its a bit chaotic for us, we want laid back. Now I'm looking at beautiful historical places like Italy and Corfu....don't seem to be making any progress!

We want somewhere beachy, laid back with a short flight. Open to suggestions of places and venues. Experienced forum members please help!



  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Try Sardinia! Its known for its sandy beaches and is less touristy then other areas.

    You can fly with easy jet- i think its aobut 3 hours xx
  • SuomibrideSuomibride Posts: 216
    I can help you with Crete - there's lots of beautiful hidden beaches away from the tourist resorts. Some of the beaches even have tiny chapels on them - perfect for your photographs.

    Just get in touch : [email protected]

  • Hi,

    Were getting married on cameo island in June, weve paid to have it private so itll just be our wedding party, weve visited a couple of times and it is beautiful, it has a small bit of beach.
  • marthapanmarthapan Posts: 18
    this is the perfect beach for a wedding . it is sandy,with a pool very close and the location is amazing. generally this island is cheaper that the others because is close to Athens
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