New to Weddings abroad and need lots of advice please


Me and my husband to be have been looking at venues in the UK but we've not been completely happy with any of them really. To be honest all the fuss of a "traditional" English wedding has put me off so we've decided to go abroad to do it.

I've been married before so I want it to be just a simple ceremony on the beach or with sea views and in a destination not too many hours away by plane so that if any other friends and family want to make their own arrangements to come along too they can do and also we have 3 children and don't want to be flying half way round the world.

I've been looking on the internet and on this site and it looks like Malta could be the ideal destination for us.

Is there anyone who can advise us how to do this in the best and most cost effective way please?

I've contacted a hotel direct and they have given me a planners details - she sounds lovely but I'm unsure where to start with her as she is asking us what our budget is?? We want to do it as cheaply as possible but we have no idea of costs??

Sorry for rambling on...but I need a little guidance before I "commit" to a planner.




  • sherbournesherbourne Posts: 263
    i bought a magazine yesterday i'd not seen before called weddings abroad and there was a big article on a wedding in malta maybe you can get it up online if its not available in the shops but it looked lovely anyway . goodluck x
  • sherbournesherbourne Posts: 263
    i bought a magazine yesterday i'd not seen before called weddings abroad and there was a big article on a wedding in malta maybe you can get it up online if its not available in the shops but it looked lovely anyway . goodluck x

    sorry just looked its called brides abroad x
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    thanks! I will get myself a copy of that image
  • sherbournesherbourne Posts: 263
    just looked its called brides abroad and its issue 4 x
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    Hi, congrats on your pending wedding. From experience, it is more cost effective to go it alone so to speak. Wedding planners are good if you have the budget, however you can arrange everything direct to the suppliers yourself. Wedding planners abroad do tend to have lots of contacts, however be prepared to pay a little more than if you contacted them directly, if i can help in anyway, please let me know

    kind regards
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    We're getting married in Santorini this July, which we started planning in August of last year. The first thing I would recommend is research, research, research! There are so many things to take into consideration and so many possibilities that you need to explore as many options as possible to find what's right for you.

    When we first decided to marry abroad we headed straight for the high street travel agencies, which frankly was a really depressing and disheartening experience. They suggested that for Greece and Italy (the two destinations we had narrowed it down to beforehand) we'd need to book a two-week holiday as well as a wedding package to meet residency requirements (the amount of time you legally have to be in the country before you are allowed to marry). We later discovered that this is absolutely untrue; the big tour operators say this simply to get you to shell out more cash. Also, they don't actually plan your wedding before you arrive in resort, so you can't actually choose a location or "set the date" before you get there, which sounds barmy to me!

    After trawling the internet and reading as many sites, reviews and forums as possible, we settled on our co-ordinator in Santorini based on many, many positive comments online and the fact that they could cater for our exact requirements. We had e-mailed them and got prompt, accurate and friendly responses (some co-ordinators never replied; others took up to 2 months!) Although it isn't as cheap as going it alone, we wanted that peace of mind and it is still far, far cheaper than all the crazy crap you have to pay for for a lavish UK wedding.

    One thing to bear in mind is legal requirements and paperwork. They can differ vastly from country to country and sometimes even from region to region within a country. Documents need to be produced, legalised and translated and this is another reason we went with a planner rather than going it alone; I'd hate to get there and have it all cancelled last minute simply because I hadn't brought along the right bit of paper.

    So to some up, the decision to get a planner is entirely up to you, but the options are:

    -UK-based large tour operator (piece of mind, lots of help with paperwork but very limited control over your wedding day)

    -in-resort independent planner (can vary massively in quality but in theory allow you to tailor your wedding much more)

    -go it alone (should be the cheapest option but you need to be super-organised).

    Hope this helps; good luck whatever you decide x
  • Hi there,

    I'll be frank and say straight up that I ma a wedding planner and therefore not unbiased.

    There is a cost of course to using a professional to organise your wedding but the moment you start to do things long distance, perhaps in a different language it is hard not to get stressed. My couples have all felt that having me here, local to the area, speaking the langauge and personally knowing the suppliers has allowed them to simply relax and enjoy their special day and that really is the most important thing.

    If you'd like to consider Lake Garda as a possible destination I'd be really happy to give you more information or perhaps you'd like to hear from some of the couples we've assisted so far?
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