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Paradisus Rio Del Oro, Cuba

We just got back from our amazing wedding and honeymoon at the PRDO in Cuba. It truly is such a fantastic hotel. If anyone who is going here wants any info then please feel free to ask! image



  • MrandMrsLMrandMrsL Posts: 30
    Wow!! You lucky thing! We're going for our honeymoon at the end of May and absolutely can't wait!!! Did you stay in the royal service? I would love to hear anything you have time to tell me!!! image

    Congratulations on your wedding though! I can just imagine how amazing it was image
  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276
    Hi. You will have an amazing time!!!!

    We didn't stay in the Royal Service but had a meal in the restaurant (Los Helechos) which I can thoroughly recommend!

    All of the restaurants are brilliant, try and get a show table at the Japanese one as the chef cooks at your table! The buffet restaurant has so many options, definitely something for everyone! I e-mailed the hotel in advance and got them to book us into each a la carte restaurant (there were 7 of us so thought it would be best)

    [email protected]

    Champagne is on tap and there are a couple of jacuzzi's around the pool area which have ice buckets and champagne! It is amazing drinking champagne overlooking the beautiful beach and sea. Pina Coladas from the pool swim up bar are also very addictive! George the barman is a lovely guy.

    We took bread into the sea and fed the fish which was a nice thing to do, they come close to the shore and swim around you!

    There is different shows every night in hotel and the musicians are amazing, so much talent. Opera singers to authentic Cuban music.

    We tipped the staff as they do a fabulous job and was well deserved.

    Everyone is so friendly and they all say hello whenever they see you. We found them so professional and they take so much pride in their work.

    We did a couple of excursions:

    paradise Island - we went on a catamaran to a beautiful island for lunch, also an opportunity for snorkling.

    Cuba Life - visit to a local doctors, school and an indian village - This is really good as it gives you a good insight into life in Cuba - You also go to Guardalavaca Market before returning back to the hotel.

    Swim with dolphins - Out of this world! Our Thomas Cook rep had let them know we were a wedding couple so we got to star in the dolphin and sea lion show!

    All in all this is definitely Paradise and we can't wait to go back! Anything else you need to know then just ask

    Kim x
  • Wow this sounds amazing especially the champagne! i hope you don't mind me asking but with the wedding meal, did you have to pay extra for it? i know some people who were all inclusive so the meal was included for them on their wedding day, thanks for your help x
  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276
    Hi. We were all inclusive and the wedding meal was included. We had our meal in El Patio (one of the A La carte's) which was lovely, the violinist made us wait outside until our guests were seated and then he played us in with the wedding march, they also gave us a lovely cake x They do treat you very well.
  • MrandMrsLMrandMrsL Posts: 30
    It really does sound truly amazing! The reason we're going for our honeymoon there is because I wanted to get married there but had to compromise and do it over here instead image

    You've made me even more excited about going though now! Sounds like you had a wonderful wedding image
  • It sounds amazing, not sure how the no children will go down with guests otherwise i'd book it right away, the joys of weddings ha x
  • Lyndee9Lyndee9 Posts: 7
    Congratulations on your wedding!

    I am getting married at PRDO May next year and can't wait, been in touch with the hotel via email, still waiting to book the holiday part but are able to do it May 5th!

    When did you sort out details such as where you were having your evening meal etc? Do you do it before you go or when you get to Cuba?

    Did you get a room upgrade? Any other advice you have got on planning the wedding would be great.

    Glad you had an amazing time!!
  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276
    Hi. Congratulations!!

    I was in contact with Odalys the wedding co-ordinator before we got to Cuba. El Patio is the best choice for a wedding meal.

    We booked with Thomas Cook and got upgraded to the little bungalow style rooms with our own little terrace and outdoor shower.

    Odalys will send you an up to date list next year showing the additional services you can book with prices. We had traditional cuban music for 30 mins which cost 99 CUC's and a DVD which was 150 CUC's (this is very good quality).

    Our Thomas Cook package included hair & make up, flowers (they will ask for your preferences but choices depend on what is available on the day), wedding cake and button holes & corsages and the hotel had pre booked my appointments at the spa before I arrived.(The lady did a wonderful job of my hair & make up) They can also offer you separate rooms the night before the wedding (subject to availability).

    On the day a horse and carriage will pick you up (Odalys comes with you) and take you to the wedding gazebo where the rest of your guests will be waiting. The ceremony is all in Spanish but Odalys translates as you go along. After the ceremony the photographer takes lots of photos and then takes just the 2 of you to the spa beach where he takes some lovely shots, then you will get taken back to the lobby bar where you can meet the rest of your party.

    After the wedding you can ask them to put a little concrete heart on the handrails down to the beach.It will have your names and wedding date on it and is a lovely gesture as you can go back to the hotel in years to come to see it.

    If you need any more info then let me know. I will try to post some pictures!! image
  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276

  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276

  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276

  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276

  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276

  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276

  • Sounds fantastic and congratulations. Really looking forward to going now - but can't see your photos image
  • Lyndee9Lyndee9 Posts: 7

    Havent been able to access the internet for a while. Just looked at your photos and they look amazing! Your dress is lovely.

    Not long until I can book now can't wait!
  • Fayezee1Fayezee1 Posts: 31
    Wow this looks amazing! I am currently planning my wedding for 2013 and considering Cuba as the wedding destination and funny enough i had come across this hotel a few times in the brochures and online! Can i ask was there alot of weddings there? Also is this an adult only hotel as i need somewhere that allows children aswell as quite alot of family and friends coming out to join us!

    Faye x
  • MrsGale2bMrsGale2b Posts: 276
    Hi Faye. They only do 2 weddings a day at the Paradisus but it is an adults only hotel x
  • farrowpfarrowp Posts: 2
    Hi We are booked to get married there next feb but have not paid for a wedding coordinator yet. who did you book with and do you have any advice, there will be only a few of us so dont wan to get fleeced and would rather pay extras locally
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