Greek photographers - how much are you paying?

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Sorry about the cheeky question, but how much is everyone paying for a photographer on the greek islands? Im getting married in Skiathos and the travel company have quoted me about £700 for ceremony photographs and about 40minutes after the ceremony outside. This includes a photo album of 40 photos and negatives. I originally just wanted negatives so we could print them at home, but it only comes as a full package. Does this seem a lot? I dont know whether to bother with a photographer or not, or just look round when we get there and try and book one then.



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    Hi Gwennifeuk,

    We are paying ???????700 and the photographer is coming to my accomodation for an hour before the ceremony, taking photos of everyone arriving at the ceremony, photos during the ceremony, an hour after the ceremony, he's coming on the boat for our champagne reception for an hour and also doing a photoshoot of me and hubby for 45 mins as well as coming to the reception venue for cake cutting. We're getting a lot for our money. Where are you getting married? Have you done this through a wedding planner?

  • I am getting married in 2012 and i was quoted £900 for two hours of photos with no copy right. After much deliberation i have decided to hire a photographer from the UK and fly her out (obviously have to pay for flights and accomodation), but at least i can have her for as long as i wish and also i have copyright.

    The main reason i decided to opt for this route was because in the price we were quoted we only got two hours and 60 photos in an album. My concern was when you actually work it out by the time everyone is in place for the different photos i would probably only get 60 and i felt that it didnt give me much choice for the album. With the route i have taken i am contracted to have a minimum of 600 ohotos taken.

    In repsonse to your question i do not think the price you have been quoted is unreasonable but i would suggest you try and get someone for a minimum of an hour as 40 minutes will fly by.

    I hope this helps

  • Hi

    Thanks for your replies

    number1snowbunny you seem to be getting a really good deal there! the whole wedding is boooked through a travel agent. I think we have decided we might ask a local photographer when we get there and if still too dear for us then just get family to take loads of photos. Thanks everyone
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    normal price for photos , album and video is 700 euros.
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    Hi We were married in Lindos Rhodes and paid around 350 euros for 40 prints, an album and a cd containing around 70 pictures. We also own the copyright to the photos. We never went for a DVD but if I remember correctly it was available for about 250 euors.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi We got married in Lindos last year we had Avalon photography do ours and they are amazing i think we paid 700 euros but this was photos of bride getting ready, pre-wedding pics of bride and family and groom with best man, the ceromny, boat cruise and reception, plus a video with all pics on a disk, along with a photobook album.

    See my husbands website of the pics which were taken:

  • Hi there

    I am a destination wedding photographer based in Greece.

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    We are getting married in Lindos.???????700 for five hours, 2 photographers to get natural shots too, will start whenever we want. We get prints and all images on a disc with no copywrite. I would shop around, maybe ask other brides on here x
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