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Sorrento Wedding

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone who has recently married abroad can help us out, preferably married in Sorrento Italy but I think anywhere abroad may help image

We want to know average costs of a photographer, flowers, transport and hair/makeup. We are having the wedding through Thomson, has anybody booked any of the above through their tour operator? How far in advance did you book these things?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we have browsed the internet and found nothing image

Thanks!! xx


  • Hi ladies,

    I have just returned from my wedding in Italy & it was just incredible. I wanted to recommend someone to any of you who are debating about wedding planners & who to use.

    Maria from Perfect Italian Weddings ( ) was an absolute angel from start to finish. Her fees are low but her services are outstanding.

    I was at times probably quite demanding as I was booking everything blind so to speak & needed lots of options & reassurance - from the moment I contacted her she was brilliant; knowledgable, kind, excellent communicator. She dealt with everything for us from venues to flowers to musicians & photographer and clearly set out everything throughout the process.

    Without her I would have found it incredibly difficult & she was amazing (even meeting us in Naples a few days before when we arrived to check we knew how to get to Sorrento) and also attending the wedding on the day to ensure everything went smoothly.

    As far as I know she handles Rome & the Lakes as well as the Amalfi Coast - you won't find better than her anywhere in Italy!

    I simply can't praise her enough.

    Please be warned that our guests who booked with Thompsons are now taking legal action against them for a catalogue of complaints - be very, very careful.

    As for my dress, we asked the shop to pack it into a small case & took it on the plane as hand luggage.

    The reception was at the Bristol which was glorious - I've never known such attentive and classy service & our guests all commented it was the best wedding meal they had ever had. The ceremony was at the Cloister & was truly stunning.

    Hope you all have wonderful weddings,

  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    We booked through a sorrento wedding plannner called flowers and confetti and she does packages that include bouquet, photographer etc I've also heard book of dreams is good too!

    We also heard bad things about Thomson so decided to book directly with a planner and got the ceremony booked the same day!

    We booked our reception at don Pedro restaurant because of the good reviews and my make up is being done by Zoe graham who's an Australian make up artist again because of good reviews and because of her portfolio 170 euros which is expensive but average for sorrento! My bridesmaid is doing my hair

    String trio is 270 and doing bridesmaids bouquet from sorrento flower market ourself I've just bought 3 wet foam bouquet holders from eBay! Also restaurant are sorting transport for everyone which will average 26 euros per 6 people and wedding cake about 170 euros!

    Not had the wedding yet but if you remind me I'll let you know how it goes!

    Hope that helps image x
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