Where in Europe would you recommend? Please help :-)

We really need some advice... we have been pondering over the idea of getting married abroad but don't know where to start.. has anyone been to Cyprus (Paphos) or Faro in Portugal for a wedding or are having theirs there?

Or... any other places in Europe that u think would be amazing? x x xx


  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635
    Hi hun, im goin out to cyprus later this month,paphos as i absoultley love it, and had planned my wedding there...its a beautiful country, lovely people, great for everyone x
  • SuzandKevSuzandKev Posts: 30
    Did u book it thru a certain website or company?

    We really like the look of Cyprus .. I think as long as its not too expensive to fly to then we'd look into it as we don't want our guests to be too out of pocket x x x
  • A friend of mine is also getting married in Paphos next month, I can't wait to go!! They're having the ceremony & reception on a boat, it looks beautiful image
  • dizzyheightsdizzyheights Posts: 216
    We loved the idea of France but with a 30 day residency requirement that was not going to work - the same applied in Portugal (think it's 40 days).

    Italy is nice but we were looking for something outdoors and there wasn't anything that we really liked - plus we would be travelling with children and there wasn't enough for them to do in those areas.

    We wanted to go for something a bit different, somewhere you wouldn't normally go on holiday. We were really put off by cyprus, a relative of mine got married there in one of the town halls then the reception at a hotel and to be honest it looked awful, reminded me of the programme benidorm - everyone sitting around on plastic white chairs with lots of drunk and semi-naked tourists in the background of all the photos, just looked really tacky to be honest - but obviously that was just one wedding and iv heard of loads of people going there to get married but we wanted to be different and wanted to avoid tourists as much as possible (we aren't the package holiday people, would be our holiday nightmare lol so wanted to avoid places where people would normally go on holiday).

    It's really hard picking somewhere - we were restricted to Europe due to family with health problems travelling with us and we couldn't go much further than that.

    Hope you find your dream destination!
  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635
    Hi, we booked through a travel agent for the holidap part, as you normally would, but i know thatguests had booked flights seperatley and then booked apatments with indeendant people on the various rental websites.

    The actual wedding part was booked by myseld, direct to the church,,,saves some moeny and is really easy to do x
  • Donna1983Donna1983 Posts: 89
    We are getting married in Protaras in Cyprus next month.

    I would agree with dizzyheights comments to an extent - I think wherever you go you need to be careful as a lot of the hotels have people sunbathing right by where the ceremony is conducted. I guess it depends if that bothers you or not.

    Our wedding is at the Grecian Park Hotel, and there are no sunbathers there, the ceremony is looking over the bay.

    I have been to Paphos, but not to a wedding so can't help there I'm afraid hun. x
  • marthapanmarthapan Posts: 18
    a very good choice is Greece. it is very popular after the movie mamma mia. there is a small island that you can have a romantic wedding, a reception very close to the beach and it is cheaper because it is very close to Athens. the island is called Agistri. you don't need a wedding planner. you can organize it easy
  • olisueolisue Posts: 15
    We are getting married in southern Spain in a hotel in the mountains but 5 mins in the car to the beach. Very relaxed atmosphere and stunning views. Flights are cheap (one of the reasons we chose it) and accomodation is very reasonable too. I have a friend getting married in Malta next year and that looks like a fab place too. Plus they speak English so nothing gets lost in translation.

    good luck image
  • nib77nib77 Posts: 68
    Hi there. We went to Cyprus (Paphos) to escape the pressures of getting married here as we originally intended. For a long time I was really stressed out. We didn't want a paphos or coral bay hotel reception for either the reasons Dizzy Heights has said or sometimes the cost. But I couldn't find the right restaurant (we wanted privacy) and despite trying hard, I also couldn't get a caterer for a villa reception within a reasonable cost. Vasilias Nikoklis Inn was my saviour. We had our ceremony at Geroskipou garden and then went up to Vasilias. We both completely loved it - very beautiful, understated, quiet, non-touristy, private and traditionally Cypriot. x
  • lalilouuklalilouuk Posts: 52
    Because I'm French I would say France of course!

    You can get married at your embassy in France then doing a church ceremony or a blessing/humanist ceremony at your venue.
  • Southern Spain is really lovely! Great weather, mountains, hiking, beach nearby, millenia-old Islamic architecture. We booked with AWOL Granada, and it was an absolute dream. x
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759
    I'd back France, easy fir people to go to over a weekend, so dobt have to take additional Hols, and you can always get married in the registry office here and do ceremony there
  • dizzyheightsdizzyheights Posts: 216
    Because I'm French I would say France of course! You can get married at your embassy in France then doing a church ceremony or a blessing/humanist ceremony at your venue.

    lalilouuk, do you know how we could go about doing this? We would love to get married in France but the residency requirements put us off.

    Do you just contact the embassy and ask if it is possible?
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    We getting married in Seville in Southern Spain at a gorgeous little place called Hacienda De San Rafael. The place is absolutely stunning and Anthony the owner is an amazing wedding planner x.
  • I'm serioulsy considering Zante at the moment, you can hire a private beach for the ceremony image

    I've had my heart set on a ceremony overlooking the sea but it's harder than I though to find a private beach wedding, most seem to be cordoned off area of a public beach and I don't really want to say my vows being watched by strangers in bikinis image
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Were getting married in Sardinia, south of Italy. Its got long white beaches but isnt as touristy and expensive as mainland italy.

    Were going out this weekend so i will post pictures when i come back!
  • SuzandKevSuzandKev Posts: 30
    We looked at France but you have to be there for a long time before u are permitted to get married...

    So... we have finally decided on Italy..

    Hope you all get it sorted! We found chosing the venue the hardest part.. best of luck, love Suz x
  • I'll be honest and tell you that I'm a Wedding planner and so when I recommend Italy and more specifically Lake Garda you will suspect that I am being biased. But honestly, it's a wonderful destination for weddings. The scenery is stunning and food & wine are a sort of religion here so it's hard to go wrong. The documention is quite straight forward, especailly if you have someone to guide you though the process. There is no need to be here for than 2 working days before your wedding and in some cases not even this is required. I really would advise a planner because I know, from the experience I've had with all of my couples, that if you find the right person it gives you peace of mind. And for such an important day that's not something that you can put a value to. And to Dizzyheights I'd like to say that we have an amazing outdoor venue and that the Italians love children and all of the families I've had out here have loved it.
  • Hello Brides, you have all chosen some wonderful places to get married. As I am a wedding planner on Kos in Greece I totally recommend anyone wanting to get married in Europe that they check out our webpage and do a search about the island as it truly is a beautiful place. exquisitekosweddings.com is always there to help you out. Have happy wedding days. Helen
  • Hi there,

    my friends just got married in the South of France in a place called Plan de La Tour! it was amazing. They hired a private villa and had the best caterer ever who brought her own tables and chairs and set everything up. They all spoke really good English to!

    Let me know if you want any more info xx
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  • Kos is a fantastic place to get married. It has everything from sandy beaches, hillside tavernas, historical sites and of course the great weather. Weddings can be put together with tight budgets or even extravagant affairs. I would say whatever you choose go for the independant wedding planner as she will look after you and your family 150% better than a tour operator xxxx
  • Well after me saying we are getting married in Italy... we have changed to Cyprus!!

    We went out to Pafos and had a look around many venues before finally settling on Aphrodite Hills.

    Hope you are all getting on well with all your planning! x x x
  • LozDec99LozDec99 Posts: 23
    I'm getting married in lindos Rhodes little chapel over lookin the sea it's called st Paul s bay and have wedding planner their x
  • I got married in Sicily. It was amazing, it's such a beautiful island and it really is a place that time forgot!

    I used a wedding planner called marry me in Sicily

    They are based both in Sicily

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